EVO Isaiah Thomas: Ratings/Badges Upgrades (AM-DI-PD-GO)

EVO Isaiah Thomas: Ratings/Badges Upgrades (AM-DI-PD-GO)

Alot of you guys would have gotten the Collections IT by now, and many would have also evolved it to a GO.

That said, for the NMS guys, some of you might not have got this card yet, so hope this helps out as you make the decision whether to get this card, and whether to even try to do an Evo.

A little background for those who want to work on this: I bought the cards from <350 cards to IT during the John Stockton Prime packs, hitting the 750 mark a couple of days later, and started selling before the Spotlight packs hit. Had done this as i noticed the George Mikan packs would be out for 2 weeks and thought that cards would be cheap on the weekend and then the potential lack of pack openings from 1) no new packs and 2) spotlight packs would help me sell the cards for a profit.

Getting back to topic my plan was to use IT to grind TTOff, as a card that was great at shooting threes, and at the same time could drive to the hoop and bail you out in case you were losing. Started at ~200 games, played 55 games, a couple of spotlight games, plus 2 rookie dom to get him to Diamond.

I feel as though this card would get outdated as time goes by, and as more evos come along that people want to grind (big maybe as evos requirements go up), the less sense this would make, so if you were considering IT, I would say go for it ASAP. I might not get it up to a GO at the end, but for now it works as a good alternative to some of the other shooters people use to grind TTOff.

Currently running IT/Clyde/Kersey in TTOffline, an idea I got from @NoCoJake and its been pretty fun.

Here are the Evo requirements: (didn’t include rating upgrades because 2kmtcentral has them)

At this point some other badges you get to HOF include Flexible Release, Green Machine, Tireless Shooter, Volume Shooter

Here you’ll actually need 5000pts, 350 3pters, 400 assists, 75 games. Was contemplating putting a youtuber’s pictures up but eventually decided against it


Summoning @NoCoJake

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for the GO picture? i actually just did an edit and @ NoCoJake as well for his idea on the TTO lineup

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This card is too good of a scorer to be irrelevant. :sunglasses:. 3,000 points off from GO.
And it MTU it pops up that he’s scoring 36 points per game. Which is wrong, but he can drop 10 in a minute and I’m sure it makes some ppl wonder lol.

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forgot to say that this card feels better in a 5v5 setting as well, giant slayer seems to do very well there.

btw did you put a diamond contract on yours?



I really want the card, but I only have around 275 cards in my collection. I have plenty of MT, but it feels too far away at this point.

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6th man of the year.


just so you know, cards probably will cost you on average 1k during market crashes, across all types. My advice is to buy current (everything minus silvers is about 180 cards), and the jerseys/logos/playbooks.

338 uniforms, 30 coaches, 51 arenas, 75 playbooks, 36 logos, 29 balls. Uniforms seem to be the cheapest

My fav 5x5 card

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you guys are tempting me to put my diamond contract on

The opal gets huge spike in defense, thinking maybe he can hang on for a couple months. He also get 97 speed. Ppl can’t keep up with him at Pd, at 97 I can’t wait.

I still need to get mine to diamond. Mainly use him for unlimited… ill boost him up in rook dom but there are so many pg/ sg to boost

Just got him to PD. He’s definitely feels better on defense and his 3 is much more reliable.

Are you going to grind him to opal?

Nice…ill grind mine for sure…still my fav pg at amy level

Unless he gets kicked out of my lineup. He already lost the starting gig to Stockton.

I run west the first, IT the second, they get used to trying to sprint to the basket, then let Stockton finish the game. The HOF clamps shows.

I’ll have to get West next. He was a part of my squad in 2k17. Mullin and Ewing, my first picks, aren’t too impressive to me.

I’d rather have the pistons IT he can dunk, West has a streaky shot.

How you like mullin?