EVO Cards

Whats your opinion on EVO Cards after 2,5 months?

I have to say that i really like it in the first month.
Now i have the feeling that i have to use Evo Cards over normal Cards because you wont have any progress when using normal Cards. I have always like a bitter taste in my mouth when using normal Cards even when the are my favourite Players.


Yea i agree. I like the evo cards. But the requirements are ridiculous. Im running an all evo mtu squad cuz if i don’t use some of these guys every game. Theyll never evo. Good idea just way lower the requirements.

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I really like it and it’s the only reason why I play 2k20. It’s like training my Pokémon 18 years ago.

The best evolution requirements were the ones for Wade and Garnett in my opinion. Totally doable without beeing too boring.

I hate that 2k makes some of those requirements totally stupid big and long. And some cards are just laughable hard to grind.


I love the idea, but again the requirements are soul destroying. I want J Rich, but 3,000k points with two players and dont even get me started on the free throws…frustrating.

And thats all before I have even seen the requirements to evo J Rich.

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Yeah getting J Rich seams to be way too long and hard.

I think the evo cards from current dom were a great idea. Some of them are really nice. Danny Green shoots like crazy for me.

Evo cards got ruin by 2k making the requirement too long.

Great idea on paper… but the only way to do them fast is to play challenges on rookie which doesn’t accomplish anything long term, and naturally doing them playing the game takes way too long… good effort by 2k but with the requirements like 70 games it’s dumb if someone like Carlo is going them that already has Wilkins

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This is how I feel too. It seems like they accidentally made it easy for me to hold all my mT because there hasn’t been much incentive to gameplay over the last few years outside of 12-0. Now I don’t care about ripping packs because as soon as I dont have anyone to EVO, I probably wont play much.

They need to bring back badges or allow you to evo anyone with use of a specific shoe or something to make me want to use the vanilla cards. This makes me think that they will start releasing OP cards soon and evos wont be comparable. How else are they gonna get us back on vanilla carda with no progression or upgrades?

what are you talking about? most of the best cards now are non-evos. Giannis, Duncan, D-Rob, Baron, Klay, Durant, PG13, Dumars, Luka, LeBron, Stockton etc.

waste of time and a fucking disgrace

thank God we can buy fully evolved cards

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X is one of the best cards. I agree with you, but he deserves some attention.

I have 3 lineups: BestOff (all my best overall players), Evo (best Evo players), EvoWeaklings.
I choose the team that currently matches the team I’m playing against. Thanks to this, each game is a challenge and I have fun.

In my opinion, every card should be able to evolve into pink diamond. It’s could be difficult like grinding Nowitzki, but if I have My favorites players, I’ll do it :smiley:

Marbury, Garnett and Wade were the last great evos.

After that they butchered evos.

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Mobley wasn’t bad either.

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Yeah his requirements weren’t that crazy you’re right.

The requirements for LaFrentz, Kersey, Bowen, Clyde, Dirk etc are insulting.


Oh I forgot Marbury! I think the requirements for Devin Harris are the same, but Marbury is faster.
LaFrentz is also nice.

Dirk and Nash are okish to me. They should be lower, but they fit my playstyle.

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Great idea, sometimes poor execution


From our perspective? Sure. From 2k’s perspective? Not so much.

They completely paywalling everything or you have to grind like a mad man to have these semi competitive cards. The evo requirments are seemingly increasing all the time.

It’s very hard to compete for people who dont have loads of time, because options on competitive cards are limited, thus 2k are prospering.

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One thing that hurt evo cards in my opinion is when they patched EVO progress transferring over when auctioned off. I thought that was cool.

I love Evo cards. Some requirements are too much for no reason, but some are actually worth it.

My main issue is that a lot of the EVO cards are for players I’m not very interested in (outside of Spotlight). I’m more inclined to EVO players I really like or even players that are actually still in the NBA. Which is why I’m disappointed that they haven’t released any EVO moments since what, the first or second batch?

I would much rather EVO current players and it would give me an extra push to see them all the way through.

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Yes, but 2k knows these are much more popular so they will rather put them in the packs to get the money back.

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