Evo Bol Bol vs Opal Bosh

who is better? Bosh is usually cheaper I think

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EVO Bol Bol all day erryday


This is like picking between your children. Cant do it. They’re both so good and do different things.


Yeah why not both tbh, but if you can afford only one, prolly go with the cheaper option.

Bol Bol the better creator/all around player and Bosh the better shooter.


They’re both very, very good cards that do pretty much the same thing… bang tons of 3’s with their nice releases, block shots, and rebound.

The difference between the two:

Bol is 3 inches taller.
Bosh has a sick AF behind the back.

but horrible driving layup :joy: the only thing i don’t like about the card.

Evo bol bol and it ain’t even close.


I particularly like Bosh more, but Bol is a very good card, it is very likely that everyone will recommend it, but it depends on the tastes of each one

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Bosh also has some kind of weird “stepping out of bounds in the corner” fetish.


Amare > both

This and his release with even the slightest bit of lag is a GG. Clank city.

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I was about to ask who would be better between them and amare, think I’ll wait for an opal mchale or kemp tho

Opal McHale is going to be SERIOUS

Basically Opal Dino that can shoot.



I can’t wait to see how much more beastly this bad mf is now!!


You just unleashed the demon.


Do you notice a huge difference? Or you think it’s a little boost for an already godly card?

If you use him as one of your main ball handlers you will feel the difference for sure.

HOF space creator,
HOF stop and go,
HOF tight handles
HoF downhill
HOF quick first step

You will feel that off rip.

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Bro I’m hype lol.

It took a while to get those assists… had to jump off for a break but I’m taking him online tonight :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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I honestly feel Bol Bol’s biggest strength is being able to bail out low IQ players with offensive rebounds.

Bruh at me bros video on him took Bol to a new level for me.

Moving Crossover BTB with him is legit unstoppable. On the break hes basically a 7-2 Magic. You can drop DIMES with him.

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