Everything 2K21

Very soon this place will be taken over by threads about 2K22 and good luck to all of you moving on to that.

For those of us remaining on 2K21 we can probably consolidate discussion on here pretty soon.

So for those of us sticking around, what will you be doing?

I’ve only ever been an offline player for an average of about 3-4 hours a week so it won’t affect me having nobody to play online.

I’ve also got heaps of offline content to work through. I’ve done almost none of the spotlights and the only Dom’s I’ve completed are current and heat check. So I’ll gradually finish those. With my theme teams (Aussies, Raptors, favourites). Also will gradually do as much of he XP as I can just for the hell of it.

I think the last thing I’ll do is try to do some of the gauntlet challenges. I haven’t touched them yet.

As for players I have all of the ones I really want but still would like to get some of the more expensive Invincible and goat cards at some point.

What’s everyone else doing?

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Really just using players that I never used at all in tto. Right now I’m running exchange rewards Rubio Fournier and Adams. I actually win most of my games

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I haven’t played in a week or so but just be monitoring the AH and buying some cheap DMs on bid and selling them for small profits. Been able to get Shaq and Inv MJ in that time so there’s no more must get guys for me anymore but I’ll still try to get a few more invincible for the hell of it.

Still a fair bit of activity on the auction house. Suggests there’s still people playing. Anyone still on it or taking the next couple of weeks as a break before the new one?

I am on Xbox. I can equip 6 cards with Blinders if someone wants me to put a specific card on the auction house with blinders then let me know.
I have invincible Porzingis, Durant, Shaq, Pippen and Nowitzki if anyone is looking to get one of these with blinders

Waiting for the Myteam blog before i make up my mind about buying or not. Still on the fence

I fired the game up this morning for one last Unlimited game. It’s leaving GamePass so I won’t be playing after today.
Had an easy game against a poorly constructed team were I shot 70% from 3. It wasn’t that bad considering I didn’t care if I won or lost i& wasn’t playing for anything. Probably helps that I hadn’t played in a couple of weeks.
bye bye 2k21 for me.

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So I’ve decided I’m going for level 40 purely because I haven’t got one all year :joy:

I’ve bought a bunch of invincible that I wanna use for a while and have enough to get me to about 130k after renting a few more. Next on the list to rent is Porzingis, Robinson, Penny and T Mac.

After that though it’s up to the really expensive Invincible or Goats. Worked out I’ll need one goat at some point to get me to 150k.

i wanna say i’m like 10-4 with my thunder squad… i’m having actually a decent amount of fun. i’m thinking i’ll prolly be pre-ordering 22 in the next day or two depending on this blog

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Picked up goat magic for 100k so I think now I just need to rent Robinson, T Mac, Penny, Porzingis and Robinson and do their XP then I can get to level 40 with the guys I already have. Also noticed (Inv) Kareem has come down to bin so can rent him too.

It might take me until next year to finish the job, and the level 40 reward is something you can get for bin, but I’m gonna be so stoked to finally get to level 40

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Soooo who’s still with me?:joy:

I’ve managed to rent enough players now to be able to now get to 150k with guys currently in my squad. It’s gonna be the slowest level 40 ever


Yeah got to level 40 a while back so now just playing domination. It’s actually somewhat enjoyable playing Best of Dom on HOF difficulty using a team of Invincibles and GOATS. I want that Vince.

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Yeah I still have both mystery and best of Dom to go so looking forward to playing those with my favourite squads. I needed to wait until Invincible cards because I kinda suck. Might try to do best of first so I have Vince to use in mystery. How’s the difficulty between both?

Playing those DM cards in ‘best of’ does require some concentration. I still win though but at times it takes a bit of effort. I only play one Dom game a day so it’s going to take a while. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I only play a few a week so it’ll take me a while too!

My biggest problem is always on D. I suck defensively so usually just off ball. With all the bigs being able to shoot that is gonna be more difficult.

Man. It is not good news that I couldn’t even beat the first game in the final Dom against PD and lower cards. Just had a shocker. A million absurd turnovers (3 passes that just went straight out of bounds) missed dunks, invincible Tim Duncan missing layups…and I couldn’t stop them at the other end. Not sure I’m gonna be able to get to the end on this

Ugh just did the final Ascension and even with a dead game and nobody playing anymore I can’t get a bit of luck. Best thing I got was team USA iguadala…

Next gen or current gen?

They should automatically give you Kobe if you get to level 36. It is the final season, and Kobe was on the cover. Make people happy.


Current. I’m on switch