Everything 2k20 related

Just thought I’d make one thread for everything 2k20 myteam related for those who didn’t/won’t switch to 2k21. You can post everything here - lineups, questions, prices, whatever. Maybe the thread dies but thought I’ll try anyway. Anyone thinks it’s useful at all?


Good idea. Maybe we can avoid hearing “games dead” everytime we mention something.

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Games de…


Why you little…


After seeing the first reactions of people on 2k21 I think I will stick with 2k20 until next gen as well…


I’m on 20 until the servers shut down unless 2k gives me 21 for free (last year free codes went out when? Like November?) Probably wont pick up next gen until next Christmas at least so 2k22 will be then next time they get money from me.


Yeah, I can’t spend my free time for like half a year to grind for shitty diamonds or smth. And in july if I’m lucky, have pretty much the same team I have now playing the same game. Might as well just enjoy my current god squad, try get some snipes in and build MT to try out everything. A lot of offline content too. No pressure to jump on every free moment I get. Just to think about that people paid huge sums just a few weeks ago to get the best cards and not maybe ever use them again. What a waste.


What you rockin with these days and what are you playing for? I have this and collecting pieces for Rudy and occasionally play a Sim game or two for Curry.


Also have 500k, working my way up to goat PG Lebron. Just finished Dean Wade evo and sold him for 15k.


Love this thread.

I have 700k and wondering what to do.

Simmons - Kawhi - LeBron - Giannis - Yao
Magic - TMac - KD - Bamba - Kareem

For no reason I want Pippen and MJ duo but the Takeover set is overpriced right now


As of yesterday I’m rocking with

images (1)

So 2k will be on the back burner for a bit, but mainly just playing for a basketball fix at this point. Just finished up the NIB set and having some fun with Vince Kawhi and AD in TTO.

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That MJ is a blast, getting the jump man animation from the foul line to jump over a defender is so satisfying.

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Nice lineup. How do you like Lebron at the 3? Does he shoot a lot of 2’s from the corners instead of 3’s? I also grabbed a Magic with contract and tried him out but that release is just not gonna work for me. And since I don’t want to run 5 out and rim run every time, I found no use for him sadly. I thought about Takeover set as well but I’ve heard that Pippen sucks. Thought about Isaac as well, he’d be like 300k.

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Is that up and under switch hands layup that he did irl in his layup package? I’ve seen opponents getting that animation. Cool but at the same time pretty pointless. Although I agree that MJ’s animations are always very cool and fun. Too bad that 2k made so many players better than him in the game.

LBJ at SF is a bit of a cone for me but that happens with all my SF’s usually. But he’s a crazy good card. I know Pippen won’t be amazing but its like, what else can I do with MT at this point? lol. Also curious if I can do better at PG than Magic with the KAJ duo. Isaac isn’t for me though

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I’ll definitely still be playing 20, I grinded an unhealthy amount of hours for Goat Kobe to just not touch the game again. I miss the ability to Quickstip on 20, but they nerfed it on 2k21.

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Lamelo is better than Magic for me. Not only does he hit the most ridiculous shots for me on offense (Tmac style ridiculous) but he has also come through defensively for me in clutch situations. He gets steals rather easily and has blocked some important shots at the rim. His only negatives are that he looks weird on the court and his shot does not look pretty but it’s such an easy release.

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I’m just gonna evo PD Kobe to have an opal one. Only 9/24 games scoring 50 done. Too boring to do :smiley:

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Idk what it is but Giannis at the PF is not working for me. Can’t get his release down, can’t really slash with him. I have played a lot of games with him and Idk. Of course he makes a long three sometimes but I can’t really rely on him. How’s he been for you if you have used him?

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I need a loan to get opal AD, I would like to get the Platinum trophy, collector level purposes only. Not locking in any collections. Dm me

This is what I’m running at the moment. I’m finally enjoying playing my favourite cards :slight_smile: T-Mac and KD are shooter machines for me. And I love how Magic and Ben play at the PG. What to say about Yao Ming… he shouldn’t be legal to play with! :sweat_smile:

It’s a shame that once u get here 2k21 is already out and now it’s not easy to find matchups on Switch. Takes long to find somebody at unlimited, easier on TTO.

I didn’t spend any euro on this lineup, I start to play late on the year when the game was 5€ on Nintendo Switch. Not planning to move to NBA 2k21, at least not at the start… so if there is any switcher around playing let me know!