Everyone here should have a Bobby Jones on their team

This is the best defender in the game, and he’s 8k lol. Just because be can’t shoot 3s. If you need to shut someone down, get Bobby. Forget PD Pippen. Bobby Jones is the wave.

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Bobby Better than Pippen?

Used him last year and his ruby early - great card

100% I held Giannis to 6 points.


He can hit a corner 3.

He’s the best defender I’ve used this year, he can lock down Giannis, Hedo, whoever you need him to. I absolutely love his card.

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Okay I’ll try him.

5 for me yesterday.

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smh slept on heavy

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Just to show I’m not bullshitting:

And Bobby with 6 steals!


Better defender than kawhi? Kawhi can also do everything

I’m gonna give thurl bailey and bobby jones a run later :smile:

Let’s all buy him off the AH and make him go for 400k like last year

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Oh yeah, Thurl can legit drop 40 easy

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Someone with millions of mt needs to price Fix Bobby to 100k

I was thinking Orange/white jordan for bobby jones and KD10 blue/white for thurl?

What do they boost? Not fluent in shoeology

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It all comes down to how much of an offensive liability Bobby Jones is. Is he an off baller’s dream?

Air Jordan XXXI (White/Orange) Foul/Dunk/Pass/Speed/Steal

KD 10 (White/Blue) Foul/Pass/Contest/3PtCon/Speed

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You can off ball, but he is a post threat

Is his post fade animation good?