Every NBA franchises best team

Not necessarily the most successful, just the best team.

Atlanta Hawks - 1987

Boston Celtics - 1986

Brooklyn Nets - 2003

Charlotte Hornets - 1998

Chicago Bulls - 1996

Cleveland Cavaliers - 2016

Dallas Mavericks - 2011

Denver Nuggets - 2009

Detroit Pistons - 1989

Golden State Warriors - 2017

Houston Rockets - 1986

Indiana Pacers - 2014

LA Clippers - 2015

LA Lakers - 1987

Memphis Grizzlies - 2013

Miami Heat - 2013

Milwaukee Bucks - 1971

Minnesota Timberwolves - 2004

New Orleans Pelicans - 2008

New York Knicks - 1970

Oklahoma City Thunder/Sonics - 2012

Orlando Magic - 1995

Philadelphia Sixers - 1967

Phoenix Suns - 2007

Portland Trail Blazers - 1991

Sacramento Kings - 2002

San Antonio Spurs - 2003

Toronto Raptors - 2019

Utah Jazz -1997

Washington Wizards - 1978


Imo the 04 Pistons were the best overall tram in Detroit history, same for 2008 Rockets with Tmac and Yao, 2007 Spurs, and 2012 Knicks, just my opinion tho

Lol the Bad Boy Pistons were easily the best team of that franchise and the Hakeem Rockets over an under achieving 2000s Houston squad. Ewings Knicks were better than any recent Knicks team too. Your age shows.


Maybe I’m crazy but I think this iteration of the Nuggets will be the best the team has ever had

That’s so sad yet hopeful at the same time

Not sad at all to me. It’s exciting

He sad best ovr over success. I like Billups Pistons over Bad Boys. You talking about age, bro you act like I took every pre 90s team and said a 2000 squad

Yea the Bad Boys had more success. 3 consecutive finals appearances and won 2 of them with a top 50 player of all time. The 04 squad didn’t have anyone comparable and they’re barely HOFers.


Billups and Ben are def HOFers

Ben yeah but probably not Billups.

Could argue the 94 Hornets over 98

You really just said the 12 knicks were better than 70s knicks :joy:


:sob: look man, Lin, arguably the best Melo, the best version of JR and Shump, DPOY Tyson, and Amare before he fell off. This was a very good squad. I’d take them in a series over the 70s Knicks led by Earl Walt and Reed

Walt and reed were monsters, They beat the Lakers super team.


Yall gotta put some respect on Clyde… It’s a toss up between him and GP for best defensive PG ever

2014 Pacers? Hell naw go back to 2000 finals pacers brother

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2016 Spurs probably the best Spurs team record wise (67-15)

In general, I’d say 2014 Spurs

The 98 Pacers have a pretty good case, as well.

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Frazier doesn’t get enough love

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It was a close one

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