Ever experienced this? (Equalizer Overkill)

ZERO Free Throws, I repeat ZERO Free Throws and i Doubled his points in the paint. Ref called everything for dude…Crazy

One of the most one sided games i have ever played but the dude was good thou.


Yup happened before.
Also had a game with 0 rebounds in 3 qtrs once in 2k17.

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thats crazyy

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Yeah man I was pissed!!

Sorry I have to correct that. I remembered wrong. I got no Rebound in the whole 4th qtr. Found the Screenshot.

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I never believed in the EQ until this last 12-0 run, now I believe , but it doesn’t help that half the time I play I’m blazed out of my mind or drunk as fk, when I’m sober i play a lot better but that shits boring