European servers are error free?

Hi guys. I haven’t had errors in mtu for more than 20 games now. Don’t think it’s a coincidence. Hope servers in your part of the world will get fixed soon.
BTW once the servers are good going 12-0 is a bit easier because people finally start to quit when they’re losing by quite a bit. Last time they stayed till the end spamming timeouts.
I will keep fingers crossed so that the servers in your part of the world can get fixed too.

Same with mine in Phoenix.

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I’m in the euro server and had 2 errors in the last hour

I will put a question mark at the end of the thread topic then. :frowning:
Sorry to hear that.

i am yet to play a full MTU game without disconnect after having the game for a week…EU PC tho

Australia based. hardly ever got error this year. But in 2k19 therewere loads of errors

Where you at? I am in Germany and most of my games don’t error out. Played two today against the same person without error.

Im in ger too :joy:

Mhhh komisch.

Just got hit with an error. Online is also super laggy and shots are impossible to time.

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Nope :pensive:

Make a screen of your graphic settings please and put it up here.

will do as soon as im home but how do graphic settings correlate with my connection?

Because 2ks coders are worthless and don’t optimize anything for pc.

afaik they re just adjusting the code for pc from the ps4 build.