EURO 2020 MegaThread

I mean… come on guys, we have to make a thread about this :joy::joy::joy:.

Who you got winning?

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France lol the addition of benzema for them is huge

France are big time favourites, but Belgium and Portugal have decent chances as well.

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I’d say Italy is a dark horse to bet on

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Dont @ me

I mean, i get it you’re from Portugal, it would be weird to say anything else :joy::joy:, but i don’t think you’ll make it out of the group

When does it start ?

44 minutes ago

It did already. italy vs turkey is the first game. It’s halftime now

We will pass , we will be at least a best 3rd
And I can’t wait to bomb 3-0 on France

Are they in groups or one loss you out

Group stage

My heart says England. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (ITS COMING HOME)

BUT… my head says France. :flushed::joy::fr:

You legit think Portugal won’t make it out the group? :thinking:

Our teams is crazy , we have probably the defender in the world , Cristiano Ronaldo , Bernardo Silva , Cancelo
André Silva , João Félix
We stacked

Juventus told Demiral they would bump his salary if he let Italy win :eyes:


atleast Turkey will have to actually show something. this park the bus was boring as hell

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I agree, on paper Portugal have the second best lineup behind France. Belgium have are a close 3rd.

Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Germany are all kinda washed compared to what they used to be but can’t count them out yet I suppose.

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In a group with France and Germany? I doubt it

pls don’t kill us :sweat: (Hungary) , our 2 best player already out from the tournament :sweat:

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