EU unlimited

Someone here playing unlimited ? I’m getting error codes so consistently , what a frustration
Im like 39-0 on GO tier without the reward , always getting losses with same kind of bugs late in the run .
Error codes , and getting stuck while searching for opposition

I think it’s just 2ks way of getting you to play more I’ll have a wired connection and still get disconnected on the constant myteam logo I finally made it to the opal league and I’m like 58-36 and most of those losses are from error codes

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Yea I agree, I’m in US but I made someone quit yesterday and I got the L for it (I was 9-0 at that point)

That’s a nothing glitch happening to me I’ll make people rage quit and I’ll get the l

Honestly I don’t think 2k is that smart , the servers are just trash

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I’m from EU and I get unlimited reward every season. I don’t get error codes. It takes longer only when I lose a match in GO league. Maybe theres something wrong with your connection sir.


I’m getting ALOT of “This game will not count” error this month. Anyone experience that before?

On next gen (ps5) that happen to me toooo often (8/11) if the rival disconnected i lose too.

Sadly, I must continue playing on ps4 version for myteam.

I got iggy and mchale but cedric will be impossible to me…
When I ‘lose’ when really won be capable that my next game are so frustrated and comited a lot of non-force mistakes…

I will try reach opal league for the hof badge at least.

I’ve been getting a LOT of error codes this season in the EU too. I got 35 losses because of it. Weirdly, what fixed it for me was going from wired to wireless. Maybe give that a go?

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