EU servers unplayable (again)

EU servers unplayable (again)

Love the :fire: MTU content but can’t enjoy a second out of it if the servers are this bad…lagging every second, kicking out even before tip-off…


Yep game only playable in the morning

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2K doesn’t care about European people.


And i was about to hop on 2k to play some games for Worthy, guess not :rofl:

This is a disgrace!! This should be fucking illegal, paying for something that doesn’t work… what a joke


Even the friendly myteam matches are lagging vs dudes from the same country.
Unlimited is only playable at night atm.

yeah i will try it late tonight (2-3AM) but it’s a joke that i have to adjust my life for 2k…

the servers was so good this afternoon playing TTO without any lag , and boom MTO + TTO update came and everything back to like last weekend

Wtf is this shit. Lagged out of three games in a row. This needs to be sorted out.

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I must be really lucky or something coz i am playing MTU right now and it’s running normal.

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Same here

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I have the same troubles. Lags, lags, lags, kick outs…

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game is 100% unplayable!
only morning and early evenings. No prime time anymore.
Praise the 2K Crooks!!

That’s our time as well. (German time zone) to have good matches.

Hungary so not much far from you :sweat_smile:

but yeah the european “prime” time now in the middle of the night…that’s a joke

I started an hour ago. 5-0 so far, and no lag whatsoever…

Please don’t hate me, lol… :rofl:

Up to about 1pm in UK is only time it’s playable for me

Got into a game in mtu…lags like I’m on some cave wifi, icon pass doesn’t work, like is this really what we pay for omg


I hope I remember this when 2k21 gets released and I consider buying it and then don’t


i started 4 games, 4 games have finished by disconnect within 1 minute…

lol there is no way i am buying this shitty product again… what is the point if they dont guarantee you a normal gameplay? Its like buying a car which will stop working after 4-5 months. No thank you.
F@ck off and Goodbye…

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