Error while entering locker codes on the app

I’m abroad and can’t access my PS4 so I wanted to enter the recent, timed locker codes on the mobile app. Every time I try to do so, I get an error. “Please contact customer service” or something. Do you guys know any way around it?

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thats been happening for a few weeks now. the app is just broken theres nothing that u can do u will just miss out on the codes

Was here about 4 weeks ago already … They don’t fix their shit.

I’ve been having lots of emails back and forth with 2k support for quite a while now since it started and they are saying that there is no known issue nor any bugs that they are aware of. I have sent them video footage from multiple devices all with the same issue and they still say there’s nothing wrong. The last update was June 9th, but the issue didn’t seem to start until they updated they’re simplified login. In saying this, I’m only aware of this on the PS4, but I assume that all platforms have the same problem?

@ItsShake4ndbake mate, is this something you could have the ear of 2k with by any chance? You seem to have some pull with helping out and getting feedback across? Lots of players raising their grievances about this, but it’s falling on deaf ears.


is this a problem for everyone? for me it does work on my nintendo account

Not working for me on PS4 either. The app becomes obsolete without this feature.


Last time the app was the reason for an error code in 2k so i had to reinstall everything.
I just deletet it.
I would take the effort for something important but the face scan never worked and they never fixed it. One month to go - they won’t fix that

So the point of the app is face scan and entering locker codes while away from PS. Both of them don’t work properly. In fact, face scan was broken for me the all year. And they also lowered daily VC this year. Pathetic imo.

works for me on my xbox account for the app maybe its just ps4

Ps4 one does not work for some time.