Error party never stops!

Ziliton servers for the win!

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They could legit upgrade that hardware from Blake sales alone.


They tried to, but their servers provider doesn’t accept MT as a form of payment.

I pay my taxes for nothing!

IKR, the least they could do is fix the damn roads! :joy:

Hahaha exactly

They are doing this to get us to buy Red Dead, the micro transactions for online will probably be lit

If we are already talking about the servers - am I the only one with this problem?
everytime I quit a match I instantly get an error code and I can’t reaccess MyTeam and have to restart the game

I think i know the problem… they ran out of VC had to close myteam to restock it :smile:

Time to buy vc!

Guarantee they’re tweaking pack odds

This is America, when we run out of $, we just print more.

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