Error game doesn't count glitch?

Idk if you guys have ever played a guy called dtda1 but he knows a glitch where he can make an error come up and the game doesn’t count for a win or loss. Id prefer this glitch over the sub glitch done to me but wtf is this?

Anti 5out maybe ? :slight_smile:

What does 5 out have to do with this?

It’s not a glitch that he’s doing. Usually it occurs at the beginning of the game or early on in the game. It’s happened to me too. I believe it’s just a server error on 2k’s side honestly.

Also if the player has left the match prior to the tip off if I’m not mistaken


Yeah i was gonna say that error usually only happens to me when the other team is vastly inferior to mine. Makes sense, if they just turn the system off

It happened in the 4th quarter

He had all PDs. Im confused. So ur telling me if i turn off the PS4. The game wont count? From what ive learned in the past turning off the console was a automatic L for me.

I’m just guessing. I don’t do it… I figured that must’ve been what it was. But now that you say that, I think it did happen once w/me up 20 in the third.

More 2K mysteries…