Error codes

I just had my 3rd error code after a full domination game. Causing it not to count. I am on PS5. Is this happening for everybody?

Makes me not even want to play. Waste of my time.


Was happening to me all morning in clutch time. Every other game I was playing was getting error corded so I was playing double the games just to get 1 win.

If you close/restart app after every game it won’t happen. You have to do it after every game. Kinda sucks but it’s a temporary fix.

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Yep, played the Steve Kerr Challenge 3 times 2 hours ago at got the error. Just tried again (after full PS5 restart) and same error.

Certainly wouldn’t bother with any long games the the moment…

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I don’t know if it’s just offline modes getting error codes? All my error codes have come in offline modes. Played a lot of Unlimited/Limited/TTO yesterday and don’t remember getting an error code on there.

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Had a quick look on Twitter earlier and it seems like MyPlayer people were getting different error codes when grinding for badges.

It would be nice if there was better communication about widespread problems so people don’t waste their time. It would also be nice if 2K did some kind of ‘make right’ for people playing during the hours where issues were common (even just a pack, couple tokens etc).