Error Code

Does anyone have any tips for ps4 error code 40865-3? It’s not letting me download the latest update and I have had no luck finding any solutions that work online.

You will hate this idea, but best may be to delete the program and the redownload it. I would first just reboot the PS and try again before doing that though.

I thought about that but I tried to download a different game and I got the same error code. I am thinking it’s something to do with my internet here at work. I use my old PS4 here and my PS5 at home. I haven’t had this issue before so I was hoping their was a quick fix other than re downloading the whole game. I appreciate the feedback though

Sorry I could not be more helpful. It definitely sounds like either the internet or the box. Is there a firewire at work?

That’s what I’m thinking too, some sort of firewall. It’s the first time it’s been an issue so I don’t know. I’m going to take it home and see if it will download there.

Man what kind of job do you have to just play 2k all day and have the nerve to complain about any inconveniences along the way? lol just playing

Hahah I’m a firefighter paramedic. I’m here every third day for 24 hours. So on slow days I can get some gaming in. But most days… especially recently, we are pretty busy.

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