Error before game starts and i get the LOSS

Anyone else experience this ? Happened to me TWICE already AND lost another because the game froze while i was playing … 3 losses already for no reason …

Happened to me before as well. Also don’t close your application while searching for a game cause that’s a loss too lol

Just happened to me right now too i got b2b error and both counted as a loss, 2500 mt gone and im broke as is lol… youd think they have something in place to prevent but nah 2k is trash

Dude it just happened again. Thats 4 times for me. Im 12 and 8. Should be 16-4…

Yup this has happened to me multiple times.

Start recording when u search for an opponent and send it to 2k. I haven’t done it personally I just take the L and move on chalk it up to 2k being broken af

I started doing that. Man making a ticket looks so exhausting lol

It’s not that rare for me to get an error and the pending online match crash right before the pre-game lineup screens…but when this happens, I don’t get a loss and it seems I don’t get contracts burned, either.

I had this happen to me earlier in the year about 5x in one round. I wrote 2k about it and they said they were sorry about the inconvenience but there was no way they could give me my points back from the Losses. This was with video and everything. I was also in the top 10 of the leader boards. I don’t play for the reward anymore or serious I just play for fun mostly.

They didnt offer u any mt as courtesy ?

Many wins to lose in supermax. Get flat out beat, disconnection error, pregame glitch, substitution glitch, and you can get kicked for fouling out. Hopefully next year they introduce a more relaxed competitive online game mode instead of supermax

Nope never. These were all losses before the game even loaded up and it took me weeks to actually get someone to resolve the issue which never really got resolved.

I also had this problem with 2k where I paid for the $150 version of 2k and I never received any weekly packs throughout the first 2 months of the game. They in turn didn’t offer me any mt or vc for me missing out on my weekly packs even tho I played every week. All they did was fix the problem and said I would eventually get all of my packs. Took months to get resolved I started writing them after the first 2 weeks when I didn’t receive my packs. My experience with 2ksupport has been poor to say the least, but you may have a better experience

Have gotten 3 losses because of this tonight

Expect little to no compensation when talking to this company

For me it was right before lineups with the black loading screen

Dont get me started on lagging out of games… ive lost a total of 6 of my 10 games because of 2k errors… i should be halfway through diamond right now. Im 13 10 instead of at least 13- 5. but 2 of those games i was winning and i lagged out … i hate 2k. This grind for porzingis is so pointless

I’ve gotten like 25kmt before for a problem haha