Makes online game play terrible. Imagine missing a few wide open jumpers to start the game and your cold. While your shots are good timed and wide open, your opponent will be making contested shots and playing no defense at all. Some how, your losing and can’t get control your players on the court. 3 feet of water seems to be in your players way and the chances of making a shot is like 10 percent wide open. 2k needs to tone down the equilzer, its really outrageous. I figure I have to play almost perfect to have a chance in those games.

Its no secret, you lose and your board is full of treats. You win and congrats, 100 mt or a bronze card, if your luck a silver.

Ive played for 3 hours and haven’t gotten much reward wise. Yesterday i got 43 tokens in 2 hours.

No such thing as equalizer. You just have to practice really hard to become good. You can do it.

Do we need to call a waambulance?

Lol :joy: i was being sarcastic @AJ49689 by the way.

Its all good haha

Im at 611 tokens tor words wilt

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