Equalizer this year

This sh*t has reached an all time high for me…

98 kobe 1/9 from 3 2/11 fg
99 baron 1/7 from 3 4/10 fg
98 Durant 3/8 from 3 4/10 fg
Hondo 0/2
PD Kristaps 0/1
Westbrook 97 0/1
98 tmac 2/4

He shot 70% while outrebounding me 23 to 10!

Yea you could argue why did I shot so many threes… this dude was so bad that I had an open shot every two possessions, my maxed out 3 on half those cards would make me think I can hit at least more than 20% of my shots, but that’s what I ended up with, a 3pt % of less than 20.

Why is this even a thing, I work hard spent hours on sniping and building a team which I’m fortunate not to have had to spend a large sum of money on, and 2K just says f you and decides that a ruby can hit twice as many shots as I can. This sh*t is fkn stupid man.


I’m about to run PD KD surrounded by Rubies. I swear to god.

PD KD at the 3 PD bron as the backup 3 and rest rubies

Scared to run this and just make jack sh*t

Recommended rubies?

Wall jr Isaac



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Welcome to Pink Diamond Tier.

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Best thing you can do to stop the equalizer is log onto Xbox. Click on the auction house and bid at least 250k on 98 Wilt with a 3point shoe. I think he has 17 minutes left… trust the process




Haha you a g

Gonna do it tonight

Can’t wait to hear the results. :slight_smile:

You need the Ruby Brook Lopez and this is complete.

Thought Amy had more hotspots, but they’re both the same, so I would use the ruby after all

Just finished first game with new ruby squad plus giannis, kristaps and 2 diamonds. 16 pt victory, feels good seeing as he has some nice cards haha

I just shot 1/11 in a game lol. 1 3p success whole game :joy:

ruby curry is demolishing my 97 curry

I’m in Diamond Tier and not touching any more SuperSweat this round. Fuck that :slight_smile: