Equalizer Squads & why people use them

I play one of these “Equalizer/Budget Squads” probably 3 out of every 5 matches maybe more. I could understand if you could only get enough MT to get 1 or 2 good to elite cards, but that isn’t the case anymore. Diamonds & even some PD are cheap af now. There’s really no reason to be trotting out 500MT rubies when everyone should have at least Amethyst & Diamond lineups. Not to mention the people who have elite cards that aren’t in the lineup in place of these rubies. I think it’s Trash that people need a W so bad that they’ll leave these good cards out just to hope for the Equalizer Aid. I refuse to not run my God Squad just to hope 2k gives me an edge. I didn’t collect all these OP cards just to let them sit on the shelf. I might get screwed by it 1 game but then I beat teams by 30+. So it evens out. I would rather use my cards then not.:slightly_smiling_face:

Had a kid 5 outer who got rekt by 2-3 zone so bad he had to try to glitch me, i let him to have another 2 min and i all i could hear him mashing buttons like crazy, i mean, how low can you go ?

If it evens out then its all good right? :+1:no biggie

Yeah it’s still sad people need that W Sooo bad

3 out of 5 games? Must be nice. I play 5 out zig zagging off-ballers 4 out of every 5 games straight up

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Wonder what would happen if they removed 5 out, kids would go nuts.

It’s more of a combo of 5out & 4 out 1 pick&roll or pick&pop. It probably is more like 4 out of 5 though.

Tried 2-3 zone ?

Nah man, I’m old school. Man to man Onball D

Just try it some, it throws people off so much, you can still on ball, but when people have to make passes even if its few to get shots of, it makes them think and thats where they make mistakes, you can also steal ball some and make good comebacks and what not, highly recommend to try it, if you’re losing the game it wont hurt anyway.

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I guess I’m an equalizer squad!

I’m back from a long hiatus (the gameplay sucked in myteam for a long while), so I’ll list out why I use a full ruby/sapphire squad:

  1. The market is dead so selling players for MT isn’t so much of an option (and you know I’m not playing any of the junk challenges or single-player modes in myteam)
  2. With limited MT, I needed to load up on Ruby cards to compete with full Diamond squads (even in Bronze/Silver tier)
  3. I can only afford the Ruby version of my favorite players (I’d rather have Ruby Dario Saric over Amy Karl Malone)… more options for more creative teams
  4. Obviously it’s less MT per game on contracts
  5. I like dropping 20 points with TJ McConnell against some 99 rated PG

Also a quick question:
When I get my first Amy card, is my Equalizer advantage completely gone? Or is it just lessened? I dont’ care because I play for fun but just curious.

Yeah, I agree. I play D maybe approximately 50/50 on and off-ball. I think maybe a bit more on-ball, but it really depends on the opponent’s play style.

If all they’re going to do is ISO (whether in 5-out or 4-out) and jiggle their LS until I fuck up, and then drive for a dunk, then I don’t feel any obligation to play D in any specific way. If they’re going to spam Quick 4 Horns Flare, then the only way you can actually hope to stop that is to properly manage defenders off-ball.

And while there are a lot of cheesers who are good at adjusting to different looks, you’d be pleasantly surprised how some cannot deal with it. Lots of people get tunnel vision and can only function well if their primary option is open. Force them to make a decision they didn’t expect and a good many fall apart.

I know, people are also better left to beat you while shooting open 3’s with their C’s then constantly dunking with their pg’s, because dunks are going in 99% of the time, 3 not so much. Even more so when they got the pressure of defender near by and making to do something different (shooting, instead dunking),

Sounds like a bunch of excuses & BS to me bruh. You get like 800 to 1k MT per game. With just a few games that’s enough to buy some diamond cards. The fact that you asked if adding an Amethyst would take away your advantage let’s me know that you want it. It is the exact thing that I’m against. So basically what I’m saying is if you run a lesser team to gain an advantage you’re Trash at the game & should play Fortnite bruh


I thought @schwipt was pretty open about what his background is, and that he’s curious about things. Seems like his lineup is mostly shaped by his MT budget.

Keep in mind that others may be getting much less MT than you in SM games. I play with a full PD and DI squad and I can get anywhere from 600 to 900 per game. I think my average really is probably around 750. And my squad costs double that, per game.

Then why did he say this? @HarryLundt

He said he was curious. And he’s generally running a cheap team for budget reasons. I just don’t care all that much about taking him at face value versus suspecting that he’s cannily trying to learn how to maximize advantage of EQ. He sounds fine to me, honestly.

I’m around that average (never broke 900, usually around 700-750)

I’m up to 5k MT (after buying 7-8 Ruby players) - and I think my per game contract cost is around 500. So I think after a few more games, I can afford to add 1-2 Amy players and still be netting a few MT per game.

I’ve been through all 2k’s BS so I was just curious as @HarryLundt pointed out. I also like to know how all the mechanisms work. Even though this equalizer effect seems to help a team like mine, I think the magic dries up in the 4th quarter. I can’t think of a close game going into the 4th that I’ve won… maybe one. That’s about the time when every 3 starts dropping for the PD cards.

Here’s my lineup for those curious:
PG: Ruby Simmons
SG: Ruby JR Smith
SF: Ruby Gerald Wallace
PF: Ruby Dario
C: Sapphire Embiid

backups (all Ruby):
McConnell, Belinelli, Jonathon Isaac, Boris, and Drummond

and yes, JR is pure cheese but he keeps me in games when nobody else can hit a shot.

Anyway a thread from OS pointed me here and I’m glad I found this community.

If I worked on the 2k design team, I could better address the amount of “advantage” I’m getting by running a lesser team. Based on the 10-12 games I’ve played in the past week, I wouldnt call it an advantage. I’d call it was it is: an equalizer. I just play for fun and have no aspirations of any tier above Gold

and yea I hate fortnite lol… been on 2k since 2k1

My general feeling on EQ, to the extent to which I feel it exists, is that:

  • It isn’t for the whole game. Maybe just the first quarter or first half. I generally agree that it’s “gone” in the 4th Quarter.

  • If skill level is equal, I think the better team will generally win in the end. But it’s a struggle and it can definitely be more frustrating than fun.

  • But if the EQ squad is played by a much better player, then the player with the god squad is probably going to lose, may lose badly, and is frustrated at distorted gameplay all the while.

So understand that this is why many people get really angry at the thought of people playing EQ teams in general.

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