Equalizer is still at full force

As i have played tons of games online i can tell those games are very much “fixed” by things like:

A. Your players move slow, like in the sand shoe, you can’t seem to neither defend or run on the fast breaks.
B. Plays consistently breaking down for no reason.
C. Your players running out of bounds/stepping out of bounds when rebounding the ball.
D. Your opponents hitting everything from everywhere regardless of your D
E. You can’t rebound to save your life, Eaton getting outrebounded by Marbury, your players constantly just standing and watching the ball.
F. Your players totally not responding even when your try to move them/pass with them.

And more, this shit hits you when it wants to hit you, sometimes theres no equalizer, sometimes its for 1-2 quarters and sometimes it lasts full game. I sometimes can’t understand how my players go from hero to zero in one game. My record online is like 80-3, but the amount of close games that shouldint be close is quite amazing.


This dude really dropped a bagel in a quarter :joy:


I bet you lost after this game saving changes :joy:

Have you noticed anything since the patch? I will be very upset if they start rubber banding this mode for player engagement. It’s nice to see the skill gap where it should be!

I think i can feel it even more after patch. Maybe a rough patch, hard to tell.

Fuck me :man_facepalming:t2:

Getting beat by unskilled pubescent little fucks raging on the turbo button and making forced shots from all over :joy:

Please God, no :pray:t2:


Well again, its just like 15 games or so, so not enough sample size, like i’ve said hopefully just few rough games, overrall you really gotta slow down game as much as possible, good post ups are the key.

Of course its still here. How are newbies suppose to unlock the auction house?

Or maintain interest and continue to spend

24-0 is unbeliveable.

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I believe you, my last game I was killing some guy and was up by 20 at half and was 5/5 from three. He switches to zone at half time and literally I could make one pass and one of the corners would be open every play and I missed so many threes wide open (mainly missing woth klay and bird) and he ended up making the game close. Had one play where I posted up with Hakeem, his player fell somehow, and I had a open two foot lay-up and missed.

I felt it seriously in my 12th game for Finley. Dude team was ass but they played like monstars and I literally couldn’t do anything

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My only true equalizer experience was in TTO. It was a good game and I was up 2 throughout. The score was like 11-9 or something like that and I proceeded to miss 7 wide open shots in a row; while my opponent stormed out to a 19-11 lead. A mix of 3’s from Finley (with 3pt shoe), mid range with Hill, a dunk by Finley, and lastly I rebounded a missed Hill middy with KAT and he airballed a bunny over the rim with no defender in sight. I fouled the dude and quit, I was so salty I didn’t want him to receive any MT lol.


That’s why I play Unlimited with my all bum squad, equalizer is less heavy.

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I went 12-0 just last night while i had Duncan, so not sure i can agree with this.

Not one game was close. Every game was a 10+ margin or rage quit.


Yah mate i win all the games pretty much, but some of them dont feel right.

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Maybe you’re just frustrated because you don’t want any adversity at all?

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I got hit with it hard for the first time last night against a mostly emerald squad and an 81 OVR MyCareer PG. I shot something like 12% until the mid 3rd when I quit (on open 3s and layups/dunks). Missed free throws, fatigue problems, ridiculous steals and blocks, the CPU kept fouling over and over, offensive rebounds in the middle of three defenders, the usual. It was actually far and away the worst it has ever hit me.

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When I played my 12th game for finley a couple weeks ago, i definitely felt it. his myplayer hit INSANE 3pt shots and he was up by 7 at half and tied at the beg of the 4th. This guy was not good nor was he playing good enough to win. it was crazy haha. I feel like everyones 12th game is insane

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Then perhaps the new patch has implemented a dose of player engagement. Yippee

My 12th game was a scrub. Lol. He even reached his foul limit in the second quarter when I was up 20, but I was like nah continue, and kept waxing his reaching ass haha.