Equalizer is alive and well (2019)

Just played a guy who ran Trae Young off the bench. My lineup was all of the CNY cards (minus Starbury)

I was up a comfortable 12 points going into the fourth. This guy was not good. Trae Young and Victor Oladipo (amy) went 5/5 from three, T-Mac started missing wide open shots with his takeover, and Yao became even more sluggish. I ended up sending the game to OT with a buzzer beater jumper from Tract, but he ended up winning by getting 6 FT’s to my 0 and hitting 2 3’s with Diamond Harden.

Be careful what you run bois, this equalizer shit is real


The equalizer is the reason for this

I believe in the equalizer more than I believe in the chances the sun will rise tommorow morning


This is a complete joke. I can win by 30 pts against guys with Wilt and JRSmith who also really good at the game but I lose to the below average players with terrible teams


Doesn’t exist. The Random Number Generator simply caught another body

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I crush worse teams consistently with my 72 ovr God Squad. Like I don’t think I’ve ever lost to an inferior team running that. Only the God Squads that are also overall glitching. The fact that you were only up 12 with a god squad against a guy that was “not good” and had a awful squad is pretty bad before the fact that he lit you up in the 4th

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yesterday i actually played against godsquad with GO Worthy on PG, all POTM Rewards etc.
And my players was totally on skates, missed tons of open 3s and all stuff which is happens when you’re equalized against Amy squads.
So that’s kind of momentum or something. But not less stupid than the EQ for sure.

Missing dunks, missing wide open layups, my players leaving their assignments 5 feet open for no reason just to get splashed, no offensive rebs, if i am getting offensive reb, i feel how controller vibrates when you’re suppose to get reb, and then it magically ends up in opponents hands, all in same game, lol.


Don’t you think the lowered overall is also limiting the amount of EQ you are getting hit with? I was struggling in Fantasy Domination with my 99 overall squad when I reached the Suns MVP squad. I failed maybe 20 times in a row to get past that team. As soon as I put all my minutes on bronzes to lower my overall I literally beat the Suns with the MT requirement easily the first time and the rest of Fantasy and All-time Domination was a total cake walk. The EQ effect is so fucking drastic and obvious. You must be trolling with that “oh its just RNG” nonsense.


It’s really bad now. Feels like last year. I’ve barely won a game after I got PD J.R. It’s hilarious.

It’s like the game is “Nope, you’re too strong now! Enjoy this PLAYER ENGAGEMENT!”


I was running 6 PDs… Faced someone yest who was running saphs/rubies, 2 amys and maybe 1 diamond… And he wasn’t good - you could tell he was new at the game. But the crazy shots he was trying kept going in.

My wide open 3s were missing.

After being nearly tied in the going into the 4th, I blew him out by 25. But putting up with that crap for 3 quarters is frustrating.

That was the clearest equalizer I’ve seen all cycle.

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i think its definitely real. I played a game where I was down by 6 at half to some bum. He was hitting insane shots that almost never fall. I had porzingis missing wide open corner 3’s, Giannis missing euro dunks, no one could buy a wide open bucket etc.

I believe equalizer just makes the momentum swing towards their team a lot harder for a quarter or two but eventually it lets up. Once the half switched I ended up winning by 30 as there was no more funny business / bullshit going on.


I haven’t played MTU enough to comment on 2K19, but this was my experience in 2K17. At the end I had pretty much the best team you could, and there were games where my entire team played like trash for the first two, and sometimes 3 quarters against inferior competition…then everything changed for no apparent reason. My playstyle was the same offensively and defensively, but the results would shift drastically.

My biggest issue is that in the depths of the momentum run, I keep getting so pissed off I end up either quitting or playing like shit the rest of the game. I only have a limited time to play every night, and it’s like why am I subjecting myself to this sort of grief? On the flip side, no POTMs for me. I really need a weekend sans wife and kid to suck it up and grind out for the Doc.

EQ haha. I love winning the tip and they get the ball because It hits Yao in the chest.

Not trolling at all. Been playing online and offline MyTeam since 2k13. The one with BG KD and D Rose on the cover. In my time playing I’ve come to the conclusion that momentum + rng = “the equalizer.” So it’s pretty much the ultimate excuse for when you get screwed. But it’s not the 2k gods just controlling the game in your opponents favor. Likewise it’s not the same happening in your favor sometimes (but you don’t notice it then). It’s just like getting lucky when you win sometimes against squads of any ovr or composition. Momentum and RNG are a thing and if they both go in your opponents favor 80% of the forum cries equalizer. It’s all a load of bs. Sore loser move imo

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honestly thought you were trolling about this the other day too :rofl: but now I know you mean what you say. don’t agree with you of course…but better than Kyrie thinking the earth is flat at least!

Also so many people use it as an excuse because you only claim equalizer after losing to an inferior team. Credit your opponent something at all

I see multiple people talking about missing wide open dunks and layups. I’ve never missed a dunk or layup unless it was at least somewhat contested. Weird. I have gotten blocked by the bottom of the backboard wide open a few times due to positioning though

Also don’t think ive ever missed a wide open layup or dunk. certainly not part of my equalizer criteria

I really can’t complain this year and there is no player below PD on my team. Sometimes I see the effect, but it never lasts for the entire game.

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