Equalizer favors god squads?

Just played a complete GOD SQUAD, with PD Harden, PD Oscar, PD Robinson, DI KD, and PD Melo, The bench was all 96+

I was beating this guy by like 13, he had NO skill

Not only that, but he got so tired of getting beat that he just started chucking up 3s, WITH MY HAND IN HIS FACE, contesting the shots with the right stick

AND HE MADE BACK TO BACK TO BACK , hand in the face, contested, 3s

And it’s not like I wasn’t contesting it right, he would literally stand at the top of the key and literally shoot the ball

He eventually came back, almost beat me, and I beat him at the last second

Never seen it happen towards a god squad like his

I even called 4 straight TIME OUTS to see if it could calm it down, and it didn’t

I am yet to find a solution to the equalizer, ugh

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Rofl definately does not favor god squads.


I mean, maybe not all the time

But I swear, the guy was hitting shots that definitely could NOT have gone in

I’m talking about those animations where it looks like the shot goes literally in a perfect arc into the hoop, where the game glitches for a milisecond once’s itgoes in the basket

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I’ve no skill and i do that too usually on 4th quarters. From my point, you had the eq for 3 quarters and everyone played their natural game in 4th.
In your opinion, Pd Harden - Melo, diamond KD should not hit contested 3s :smiley: in allstar difficulty. Let me ask you this, who should then ?

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There’s no solution, OP. Sounds like you had 3 quarters to build enough of a lead to survive the comeback in the 4th. The scenario could have easily been reversed to favour you. Do you recall any miraculous comebacks you’ve had? I do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHNcRBSdhkg

That wasn’t the equalizer that’s you not closing out the game. Every loss isn’t an equalizer lol

Timeouts. Use every damn timeout you can when your opp hits a 3. Seriously. Use all of them.

2K scripts these games to be close and dramatic I think. It’s a fucked company and I’m only on this forum to help out with keeping it clean and communal and also for the PS4 tournament we have going on. I will not be back next year.

It favors inferior squads lol

4th Quarter it wears off and you’re on your own. If you weather the storm, you win

Do we think it disappears for the whole 4th Q?

Could be a better game next year?

Concerning MyTeam: 16 better than 17 and it is better than 18.
You think ? :slight_smile:

Maybe it will be a miracle?

Depends on score I believe. If it’s close, it wears off cause you see the equalized team missing more shots than making them.

If they seriously improve Graphics and re-release 2K16, and somehow fixed card ratings and releases so that microtransactions don’t completely destroy the game, then maybe I come back.

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It’s more of a monetization issue but i don’t think it’s possible from now on, especially as long as they don’t have a decent competitor. So best imaginary scenario is a better Live 19 and much much better k20 in my mind.

If I decide to play the game next year, I may try and go “No Money Spent” squad like I did in Madden. I feel like most of my resentment comes from wasting all this money just to get cheezed.

This sounds like momentum which to me is often confused with equalizer. Equalizer isn’t as prevalent as it’s made out to be. You can win most games off of skill and smart decisions alone. I’ve been playing with a stacked squad and subpar teams lost to me very often

I’m in the same boat. I’m not planning on buying 2k19 (first time in years), but if I hear the game has improved I’ll think about it. If things go as planned, I’ll have even less time to play video games next year anyway.

Yep. Any video game playing time will be dedicated to Spider-Man, LOU2 and RDR2.

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