Equalizer experiment and notes

So idk truly what the equalizer is but I assumed it was when 2k makes your beefed up cards play like Kyle singler to make it an even game, correct me if I’m wrong. But anyway, I did a test on my alt account against the nba all star team at the end of dom to see what was different and I found a few things that really surprised me.

First was the foul calls, or lack thereof. I only counted the 100% true foul animations that should basically guarantee you 2 free throws, and I counted 10. I ended the game with like 16 free throws, but left another 20 throws because the game didn’t think I deserved them or something?

Next was the shooting, missing wide opens and opens. I counted 8 missed wide opens and 7 missed opens. I understand not every shot goes, I can live with that. But there was a time at like the end of the 3rd quarter I missed 6 amazing shots in a row with diamond green Kyrie, PD AI, and badged Amy Durant.

The last thing I wanted to note was the reach in fouls, not only was my computers ripping at any person with the ball, but i had 4 fouls with AI at the end of the 1st to test if they called it more. The entirety of dom I averaged like 4 steals with AI so I was pretty shocked when I only got 2 and 4 fouls lmao

But anyway TL;DR fuck this equalizer bullshit even against the computers, it can really make me heated.

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There’s no equalizer, you can end the experiment now lol

Explain this: https://imgur.com/gallery/fAlopQ7

Bro that’s jus bad luck

lol to me another worst thing is ur player just refuse to run even u press R2 all the way when u grab the defensive rebound and the system just force u to slowly walk up to half court and let ur opponent back to defense…tats really annoying…

Could’ve been a partial block, I’ve had a handful of green beans blocked this year. But I believe in the momentum system.

Missed green excellent shots?

Yea bro who knows what mechanics went it to it lol we are talking about 2k bro where you can’t use players under 6’5 lol