Equalizer at all time funny

Now players refuse to run while turboing. OK lmfo.


I’ve had some gems lately, press the icon button, press pass to the open player… Nothing happens. Press it again, nothing happens. Press a different button in frustration, pass to turnover. Or catch, hold shoot, nothing happens. I shit you not this has happened to me numerous times the last few days


I press to shoot and it pump fakes lol.


Yup I noticed this too , I am running too slowly , giannis is actually super fast , dunno he feels heavier now

There is no equalizer… when i use my mixed all-time Bucks squad :grimacing: turns out Tobias Harris is a better shooter than Opal Pg next to Giannis & Kareem.


I swear that shit happens only when I run a perfect play and they’re wide open, it happens so often its ridiculous & its not the controller bc its too specific…only against a lesser opponent & only when I’m up.


Video proof? (preferably not porn) :rofl:

Nah…but I will start recording it. Never recorded anything, walk me through it.

Need a Youtube account. Connect that account to your console and u are done. Also gotta check shortcut buttons to start&end recording.

Check this professor: https://youtu.be/H865dKWmS3I

I’ve been seeing crazy stuff lately too

My defense has been amazing since running a budgetish squad. My offense actually runs plays the right way, my defense has been better then when i run my opals on my old account. Im 7-0 and been blowing out some teams. I dont feel the equaliser go my way, but i feel like my players play the way they should, and sometimes the opal teams breakdown with hitting screens or they help when i know there settings would be no help.

The efficieny of these games with guerrin at sg lol



Melo > Equalizer.

Guerin still my bench 2… Surrounded by opals and his make KP… Haha. He’s a beast.

This one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I’m WIDE OPEN. I hit shoot. NOTHING HAPPENS. Absolutely nothing. Then they rotate on defense and I either shoot a heavily contested shot OR I recover in time to pass it to another player.

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Anyone player ever not shoot when you’re opponent is playing zone?

Well yOu hAvE tO lOOk At TeH Statz!!!11 TObIas HarrIS iz a Budgit BeesT!!1

Haha ive put him down to being a d wade in the paint with a klay like 3pt outside lol. And kp driving dunk is noticable too

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My favorite is when you snag an offensive rebound, and then it takes your player about 4 seconds to pass out to a wide open shooter. Like clockwork, as soon as he finally passes it, the defense just swarms out to recover.