Endgame Lineup Help!

I’m trying to build my endgame lineup. This is my current lineup Note that PD Kobe is at then end as I’m planning to get him when his price drops. Luckily I pulled him twice yesterday and sold both. Now sitting on 740K MT. I just grabbed PD HD in AH for 67K MT for the meantime but honestly he plays well for me. I also like the combination of my PF & C so that might be set. Should I buy Kobe back? Who should I get to improve? Most of the players have Diamond Contract or Shoes btw.

Any tips?

Not sure there is any room for improvement on a team like that lol. If you want, maybe go ahead and complete Giannis set for his PD? Or replace Wilt with Kareem/3 point shoe to space floor more in the starting 5? Or maybe try and get some more defense In your starting 5?

I would upgrade defensively as suggested. Why not get Pd bron or mj? Or Pd Durant or mcgrady. I would pick rose or harden. Not sure about having both in a rotation. Both are defensive liabilities

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I like Wilt, even started him before Hakeem. Wilt is fast and grabs tons of reb for me. He has diamond Curry High. He’s the only big out of the 4 that I don’t shoot 3’s with on occasions. All my Bigs ha DRD, Corner Specialist, LR. Don’t want to lock on sets anymore the reason I didn’t replace KD or TMAC to a PD version is because I have them locked. I tired PD MJ before and PD Lebron. Thinking of getting back PD Lebron. Rose is my Fave player (before injuries) But I can replace him or Harden for? PD Simmons? for Defense who Kawhi? But Who do I take out? My main Scorer before is this Diamond TMAC and Diamond 98 Kobe but I sold the Kobe.

You could run a big lineup full of defense and run PD Simmons and Kawhi. This is a cool suggestion possibly?
Surround Simmons w shooters, hence why I have KD at your 4. Then off the bench is a good combo of defense, spacing, size and shooting. I’m just throwing out suggestions, but Kawhi is just so good on defense that I can’t get rid of him.

You need some marinara or pesto with that.

True. Kawhi is superb I dunno why I got rid of him and sold him when he still selling a lot. Also have Diamond CP3 Orange Shoe waiting for him. Guess I will try to grt PD Simmons and get Kawhi back. Still open for suggestions