End of the road

Last year at this time, we were inching towards that last bit of content which ended up being perfect Bron and MJ. I know we’re loaded with god cards but you guys think they’ll go out with another bang this year? Content has been declining these past 2 weeks since Shaq/3k tokens/ultimate promo. I know we might end with opal Ewing, Wade, Mullin or some shit but I cant see that happening. Yes I’m bored.


Maybe GO Porzingod :smile:


do you guys know if there are any more token reward cards being released

They had back to back potential 75 Token locker codes.

They usually do a lot of tokens befroe they udpate token rewards

Stay tuned for Friday!

1750 token reward promo with new token players? There would need to be like 10 opals minimum. Kidd Ewing Mullin Wade are the only ones I can come up with

Give me Jerry or a Laker version of wilt


Hoping for a 99 everything wade.

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GO Kostas Antetekumpo.

GO old Kareem would be nice.

GO Bol Bol with Fade 3, Base 11, Worthy’s rhythm dribble and sizeup, the Steezo, Giannis’s Euro and cross, PG13’s leaner, and Harden’s lateral hesi

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funny thing is you pretty much described pre-nerf Hedo

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I didn’t start playing the game until after that

What did they actually change when he was nerfed?

His base 11 release.

According to a reliable source tomorrow is gonna be a good day with the fun being spread out.



what could they even release at this point other than a Tatum, Granger, Kiki, Auctionable Giannis?

Porzingis and AK in play too I guess but those cards are already opals

Wade still needs an Opal I guess

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Wade is coming sooner than later

GO Wade as part of a promo with large amount of tokens as the reward

They will add GO Ewing and GO Dominique to token rewards

Possibility of an auctionable Giannis

Jerry West will be in there somewhere

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none of those players are selling packs in July though

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I’ll take all that and raise you a Tacko Fall


Kidd Nique Wade Ewing Mullin? KPor? KAT?