End Game Power Forward?

Usually my END GAME Power Forward every year is Diamond Anthony Davis or Diamond Kevin Garnett… and this year PD KG is going for alot of MT so i dont know if I would be able to get him, but I got Diamond Anthony Davis. Any ideas or cards 2k will still drop that is a Power Forward and worthy of being an End Game Card??

Diamond Duncan, Diamond Malone, Diamond Rodman are all PFs that I look to see in the future.

Diamond Timmy D would be nice!! but Diamond Malone and Diamond Rodman?? idk… Under sized bigs. Using Diamond KD at the 4 is been amazing for me so far …

Diamond Rodman would be a mofo. Rodman is so damn good at rebounding, even though he is undersized. Last year he grabbed like 16 rebounds in a game for me, dude is a monster.

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Diamond AD is easily an end game power forward. The second I bought him I slapped a diamond contract on him and called it a day. Never leaving my lineup. Unless he gets a better card. He SHOULD get defensive player of the year but they’re gonna give it to fucking Rudy Gobert who played like half the year and has less blocks and steals than AD by a good margin. Gobert gets it because his TEAM is better defensively than AD’s team. Doesn’t make sense. DPOTY is an individual award. Ad is dominating on defense this year. Best shot blocker in the league and is keeping up with PG’s in steals. Give the man a fucking award.

He’ll get a better card. Worst case is when they lose in the Playoffs, not in recognition for any specific Playoffs performance.

When you look at last year’s high Diamond AD, versus the current DI AD in 2K18, it’s clear where they left room for improvement. LQ stands out, big time.

I thought last year’s was nuts. One a few packable cards I could not afford. This year’s high DI AD is going to be just insane.

I wouldn’t say another AD is a 100% for sure thing…but the way this year is going I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a PD lmao

AD could get another diamond but that’s just better for me I guess. The current diamond will drop hard in price so I could get him. Crazy that the amethyst one is going for about 21-22 k MT rn on PS4. “Sniped” one for 17,5k one day and flipped for 27k before the KG packs came out.

Rodman was awesome last year!

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AD may get a better card, but his current could be end game for me.

How is Malone undersized in your book while KD is fine?

As close to 100% as anything is, IMO. Going to be around +10 in speed ratings and LQ, better passing, and slight improvements sprinkled all over, with a few more HoF badges. Think they’ll give him HoF Def Stopper to go along with HoF Rim Protector.

This DI AD card now is a hell of a card, but the prime AD is going to be like some platonic ideal of a new-age PF.

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I honestly feel like Dave debasheciuer (whatever his name is) is end game for me!!! Such a great and versatile card

If im going to buy Malone. I rather stay with Diamond KD running at the 4. or I could put one In the bench.

Malone is undersized as a traditional PF. Sure in this game he’ll have 90+ 3s, but he won’t get these HOF shooting badges as KD does. So IMO if you wanna go big, get KG or AD or even slide a 5 to play 4. If you wanna go small get some one who can really shoot like KD or Bird. Malone is really in an awkward situation

I would say he is in a perfect situation, same as Webber. Both are fast enough to run rings around Cs or big PFs, while strong enough to at least partially contain them. Pretty much only guy I couldnt stop with CWebb was Kareem. On the other hand, they are fast enough to stop small ball 4s and stronger than them with good post moves.

For me CWebb is endgame for sure, just waiting for that Malone to complete my PF spot.

Christian Laettner will be the best. Remember where you heard it first! lol

I actually want an diamond Rodman, the dudes card would be some much fun. Add him and Whiteside lmao your opponent not grabbing any boards.

To me, Webber is basically a jack-of-all-trades “very good at just about everything, not great at anything.” Sort of like a slightly taller variation on the theme of Draymond.

To me, the big issue with Webber is that he’s a Theme reward and I don’t think he’s so good, or special, that he warrants locking in a collection…even if you are certain that you will always keep T-Mac.

I’m a Warriors fan, so I basically have to have my hopes set on a great Diamond Dray. Otherwise, I would hope that I could afford the prime Diamond AD that I’m sure is coming. The current one is going to be a hell of a value proposition, later on.

Otherwise, along with Draymond, I think my preference would be to go small with someone like Dray, Larry, KD, LBJ. Or go really big twin tower with someone like Kareem.

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I will be honest, I never look if player is worth it or not, the only perk of playing on PC, so that point unfortunately goes around me. E.g. I used TMac for exactly 5 games and I wont probably ever use him again, I wanted CWebb.

CWebb is definitely the best PF scorer I played with. My experience might be skewed because of the diamond shoe - he has 79 ball control, 80 speed with the ball and 94 off dribble midrange shot. Combine it that with HOF difficult shots and he cant be stopped in iso. Also his fadeaway seems to be the best I tried from bigs yet, plus love his two handed dunks. On defense he contained easily everyone until now (AD, Hakeem, Boogie, Jokic, Whiteside, Shaq) except Kareem that was killing me.

The only problem I have with CWebb is, that you cant play with him as much as irl, he lacks some good passing HOF badge and higher passing accuracy. Fun player though, I am gonna make some small compilation when I will have time.