End game players under 100k?

Pretty happy with what I have a in regards a line up, (only a fun budget squad so I won’t link), any end game players that have reached a reasonable price below 105k?

Donovan Mitchell, Oladipo, Damian lillard might hit buy now. Marc gasol could hit buy now as well. Trying to think of more

You could get statistically the best diamond in the game for under 100k easy… Elgin Baylor. He’s a do all glue guy. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Karl Malone is a great pickup for anyone as well. Can’t go wrong with either.

I had Karl malone marked but thought a guard might be more exciting. Never looked at Baylor too much but he looks ridiculous for his price! Why is he under 100k?

He’s only under 100k because all the old guys go for cheap. Younger fans barely know if him so he doesn’t have the name appeal of a LeBron or KD or Dr J, etc. His only so-called “weakness” is his height for his position, but he makes up for that with his strength and rebounding stats.

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In no particular order,

Diamond LBJ
Diamond Elgin
Diamond Karl Malone (at times)
Diamond Derozan
Diamond Oladipo
Amy PG13
Amy KD
Amy PorzinGod
Amy Sabonis

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