"End game"= False sense of entitlement

"End game"= False sense of entitlement

Sorry to burst your bubbles there’s no such a thing as end game for cards. I find those comments funny:

"Is Roy gonna be end game?
“T-Mac is goated, his end game!”

People want to feel secure about their cards and investments (be it time and money) and lie to themselfs (and others). Flash news, there’s no such thing. Just because some cards are more relevant by the end of the game it dosent make them any more special or different. Zack LaVine is gonna be better card than maxed stat Opal KD. He lasted more (cycle wise) than those Opals that gonna get released and played by the end of the game, because game will die within month or two.

You need to count how much time you can squeeze from the card, how long and how relevant it’s gonna be. I get it, everyone wants better colored cards, to show their lineups, feel like they achieved something by having said cards. It’s just pixels, and it’s all about having fun.

I see some people saying: well i won’t play till march until Opal SZN is there. Like duh? Whateva floats your boat, but game (usually) is least broken and within reason by the start.

Again, this game like all games has it cycles. We will get next 2k next year and so on, the cycles of this game are pretty fast (compared to some RPG’s and etc), however you can still predict how long certain cards gonna last and be relevant.

Example: Current Opal KD. This card gonna last and be top card more than any Opal that gets released by the end of the cycle, not to mention this Opal KD gonna compete mainly against PD’s so its so much more powerful and relevant that there are no comparisons.

Conclusion: Play now, don’t plan 5 months ahead or you might as well plan 5 years ahead (as far as 2k goes).


Cause nobody play myteam everybody playing theyteam, or his team.

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Thank you for explaining this to us cause I know you think we’re all stupid.


You know what end game means. Are they going to be a top card at the end of the year, that’s it. Doesnt mean other people cant enjoy lower tiered cards throughout the entire year.


By the end of March we are going have 10-15 more auctionable “end game” Opals. So with multiple Opals at each position avail, what’s really the point after?

Every player basically the same. Same badges, attributes. Same teams. Same everything.

When Opal PG Giannis drops (i’ll say April), that will be the true end of the game.

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Theres also nothing wrong with planning out your MT and making smart decisions throughout the year. Its funny that someone who spends 12hrs a day sniping is worried about other people’s time investments.


I’m glad we have someone like Knezius to tell us what to do. If he hadn’t of created this and the other thread telling us to sell cards I don’t know what I would have done


The salt of the “end game” preachers is real.

False sense of entitlement… yea that’s sure gonna promote a positive conversation


I see we have our weekly “hi I’m @Knezius and I’m a delusional wet fart” post


It’s also funny how you’re praising us to just enjoy the game but you make threads advising us to sell our whole team or big men asap in order to secure our finances for the future. So which one is it?


Lmao you think you’re this Prophet or truth-speaker and that your audience is a bunch of plebes.

You post a “truth” / “devil’s advocate” / “Harden’s great, you’re all stupid” thread everyday, like why?

We know the game sucks. But it’s the only basketball game we have and some are trying to enjoy it — it isn’t your place to try and take that away from them.

Harden doesn’t play defense and relies on drawing contact and flailing his arms to go to the line more than any other player.


7 paragraphs just to tell us that the sky is blue. nice


It’s a video game; the opportunity cost of enjoying 97-98 overall cards now in the short term versus saving that MT for weeks/months for their GO versions isn’t large. The utility and enjoyment of using those latter cards is more than enough justification to some to hoard their MT — to each their own.

Go back to sitting on a snipe filter for 8 hours, then come back and post your daily Harden thread.

If you’re allowed to tell us to sell our teams, I’m allowed to tell you to do that.


Hey, we can’t all be the SNIPE GAWD


Should I buy his E-Book and post it in a thread?


I actually thought this post was useful. Thanks @Knezius

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I’m pretty sure that “end game cards” definitely exist. Maybe not right now in 2K20 for everyone, but not everyone is going to end the game having the best cards in the game.

@LuckyKid is still playing with his 2K19 end game lineup that’s made up of end game cards.

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Do it for the culture.

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So you gonna have very few people as an example? Also it’s funny how salt is all over this topic, but hey if that makes people happy i’m all for it.