End game cards

what cards are endgame right now ?? i feel like AK, Kuzma, Griffin and Magic

End game card :

AK 47
PD Giannis (almost nobody will get his GO)
GO wilt
Go worthy
pd Jr smith
Gilbert arenas limited

Blake,griffin and magic gonna get uprade soon with GO


Griffin & Magic still have GO cards coming.

Almost nobody will get the GO Giannis ? I’m 507 cards away. Think more will get them you think. It’s only January

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did anyone last year actually get pd shaq?

GO Giannis is a problem for both his opponents and his owner. A good bulk of the owner’s cards to sell off have almost no value by the time he gets Giannis.

i mean most of the community wont get him. Like collection rewards is a grind and like maybe less than 5% gonna be able to get him

List of guys that are either confirmed for GO or I highly suspect will have them:

KG (Series 3 card is Celtics, think prime T-Wolves will be GO)
Timmy D

Not to mention if we see 99’s for the award winners again so possibly guys like:



Basically, and this is ofc release/badging dependent, but I don’t think we’ve seen any of what will be the “best” cards yet.


None of those 4 are “end game”


Hate to break it to yall but unless you have a galaxy opal right now or PD giannis / PD jr smith none of those cards are close to end game.

Klay is almost end game. you cant realy get better than his shooting.

PD jr smith and gilbert arenas are end game

I have a great lineup and I think only pd Giannis and pd Sampson are the only cards i have resembling end game

IMO not many. There will be better cards for sure. Magic and Klay are probably the 2 I would pick.

Nah man gilbert isnt even close to end game haha.

Klay definitely isnt. We will get a Better klay w 86 bc minimum and HOF dstopper HOF pickdodger etc

Klay is getting a pd at some point even


Arenas is the only end game card

TB Playoff against the Thunder in '16.

That’s my point. all these guys will get better cards. I think they’re good for another 3 months top

Listen these discussions come up EVERY YEAR at the same time bc ppl get attatched to their cards and dont wanna spend more and thats cool i get it for sure but there are only a handful AT MOST of end game cards right now and Diamond Klay PD magic PD gilbert are def not on that list.

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The difference between PD and GO Magic is going to be insane. Triple the HoF badges, juiced shooting. It won’t even be close.

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