Emerald Tourney. OGxSuave vs Shams

Theres been alot of MyTeam content and there will be even more in the next few days so if you wanna watch some MyPark content come check out the stream with me and My bro OGxKmart!!


What’ builds you guys running?

pure stretch, shot sharp

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Haha this sharp scared to shoot on you I guess. He’s open all the time behind the screens.

not hating on the park grind but the two’s court has to be the dumbest mode in the game. just inbound screen limitless threes or cuts to basket make it take it :face_vomiting:

Yeah I hate 2s. 3s is fun.

Make it take it just creates an awful meta game.

lmao i got maxed out lmaooo

3 ls in a row

Saw it, that mode is trash

cant do nothin against that shit

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damn we aint got no viewers now we going crazy

Lit ass last game lmaoooo yall im gonna post it

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Shouldn’t y’all try to matchup with multiplayer challenges play with friends lower difficulty makes it too easy

minutes to low

Yeah but it being emeralds pwfs isnt bad at all

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started , i wanted yall boys to peep my court

sorry guys were messaging atm , tryna figure out why he didnt get his playbook

bro we can quit now and start over thats fine @Shamslol

we both want d’antoni & our own pb tho

is that even possible

i have hawks & he has my pb we should be swapping pbs or is that not how pb glitch works?