Emerald DMITCH Block Method

Can somebody give me some tips? I even bought chase down artist and I can’t get a block with this man. What can I do?

Play TTOFF and pair him with smaller guards making him the tallest out of the 3. If you have Mugsy Bogues or Earl Boykins much better. That’s how I did it with Jalen Brunson Challenge before.

My smallest 6’1 that’s why it’s tough

Added a Diamond shoe to him with defensive badges and got the blok first try. But most of all, i think you have you be Lucky to get the block.

Same method as above and just spam the jump button. Give the opposing player room so he drives

Lol, I freakishly got the block on Plumlee somehow in the Challenge game. Was preparing to go into TT. I’ll take it though

do it all in a challenge game. they are 48 minutes and you can end them at any time by completing the goal. most of the requirements happen organically. i did everything except the minutes requirement in one game

I got it done playing 3 on 3 and using Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues. It took me 3 tries to get it and the rebounds.

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It’s a real struggle for me to get this block. And I’ve completed the Jalen Brunson and Keldon Johnson blocks.

I finally got it and he’s on the team

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I played triple threat offline and got the block after 3 tries. If winning the game isn’t important use the smallest gold players you have and Mitchell. I used Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb.

Maybe I am missing something but what is the exact advantage of picking small teammates if you go for blocks with Donovan? You can switch matchups so you can choose the smallest player on opposing team.

And it does not seem to work anymore that if you pick all guards in TT that you will be matched up against guards.

I cant get this damn block for shit.

Do everything that you can to help accomplish it. Throw a shoe on with a block boost. I saw another user on Reddit add gold chasedown artist.

Run ttoffline, back out if you don’t match up against a short ball handler. I ended up getting mine eventually against the Diamond D Mitch card.

Oh damn but that’s how I did because I could not get a block in 5 on 5 at all. I played like 3 or 4 games of 3 on 3 before I got the block. I got my block on Kyle Lowry I believe.

Triple threat with gold players, restart and try to get the CPU’s ball handler someone who drives over shooting the 3. Bait the lane and pray you can swat it.