Embracing Base 11 Despite Laggy Internet Connection

I packed a granger when I was just starting to play the game last October.

I sold him Last December.

While I was Searching for some fun players I saw a Granger and Got him for 366K

I directly Played MTU and he is still a god :innocent::pray:

This is VS a line up of

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He’s still the second best diamond in the game behind ak who is just a taller version of him, if you’re not a cheeser these cards help counter the cheese,

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I tried the line up of

Honestly it was hard to time my internet is like half second delay or so. :rofl:

Prolly not your internet prolly just the servers, I run into games that play flawlessly then the next half the time my shots don’t even register

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Yes man I use mobile hotspot in MTU hahaha
base 11 is hard for me but I think if I can master it it would turn out as an advantage :innocent:

What I honestly have been doing is playing 5 out an getting easy dunks and layups to start games until I go on a little 4-6 point run then I start letting it fly from three, helps with the lag and once you have the momentum that’s where you can make bad shots with the lag

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Haha I was running multiple plays out of knicks playbook it helps when you have great shooters.
It was a close game he had a run to tie it but eventually came short

I only run two plays out of that book and 5 out series, the combo is deadly

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Yeah but I don’t have Giannis.
Is it bucks playbook?

No it’s a series that you can trigger different plays out of the 5 out playbooks without having to run a 5 out playbook

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Wow how do I do that? Freelance Sets?

Go to the series option, hit LT or L2, you’ll see 5 out series, make sure you have your adaptive coach off, it’s a gg, don’t spread the word of this tho, just let whoever looks at this post enjoy it

Thanks man! What are your fav plays?

I actually prefer the grizzlies playbook, but the Knicks I justnrun point 2 and Knicks 3

In the series you just have to see where you go that triggers different plays, id suggest playing offline for 4-6 games and get a feel for everything before trying it on ppl

Thank you man! Will surely do that!

Also with running this cheesy series you want an ISO guy at point, magic,Giannis,ak,hedo,granger,wade, someone who can easily get through the lane for a dunk if you wanna score that way

Thanks man I will try a few combinations and see what works for me :innocent: