Embiid tonight

Fun fact about embiid, he’s my current favorite NBA player, in 2k he’s always on my end game teams and tonight he did this
49 Points
14 Rebounds
3 Assists
3 Steals
1 Block

70 FG%
14/15 FTM
19 +/-

I think we’re gonna get our first juiced center boys


speedboosting embiid from last 2k19

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PD Embiid Leggo!! @CIX17


he will have +20 hof badges


With range extender and 90 plus 3 points? Must cop!!

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Hahaha ito na hinahanap natin!!

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Taller than bam. Hope they also g8ve him a 80 plus speed. Ayos!

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Hahaha must cop if under 100K

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Les go Jojo love seeing the big homie doing work


I hate face him when I use Kevin Love errr

Well. I’ll wait on Bam for tonight then. Ill try Lamarcus

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Sooooo glad I sold PD Yao & Shaq over the weekend

not an Embiid fan myself but I’ll take a nice Embiid PD. this performance is definitely worthy of one.


Lame they’re gonna gave him a 92+ 3pt just for going 1/3

Lol u know it but only cause 2k sucks

We had juiced gaurds, next is juiced centres.

I think they will ignore embiid until after a centre orientated promo.

Can’t ignore a 49er

If it was 50…

No seriously didn’t kawhi drop big numbers and was ignored? Then he dropped in the lin spotlight

Kawhi didn’t drop 49. Was like 37 or something. Maybe 41 ? I dunno.

I can’t remember, but moments usually take less priority than other 2k plans