Embiid moments

So Embiid currently has 32 points on 8/9 shooting while 15/17 from the foul line while snagging 8 boards at halftime. Diamond moments incoming?

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If he droops 50 yea

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He really does own real estate in Drummond’s head :flushed:

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Blake with 25 9 and 5 in the same game. He’s been beasting out so far.

What’s up with the actual game , these huge performances by players are happening regularly.

I mean caris levert is scoring huge points , this guy was incognito for the past how many ever years he was in the league

No one playing defense anymore bring back the 1990s bball

Man should I pick up his Amy now???

Yeah absolutely , just watching offense take over the game is sad , it’s like the only misses are because the guy couldn’t hit due to not practicing that shot

I’m gonna say no since he score 7 in the 2nd half.

Idk, 39/17 on 56% isn’t awful. I’d love a diamond Embiid lol

Maybe a 93 diamond

He got an amy for 42, ain’t happening. It’ll come soon enough though, he’s fucking balling this year.

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Yeah foul trouble limited minutes in the second half, could have had a way bigger game. But it is only a matter of time.

Joel Embid is balling and Ben Simmons seems scared to shoot or do anything that involves scoring the basketball.

I hate when Ben plays passive, it’s so frustrating because when he’s high effort he’s unstoppable.


Yeah he’s holding back the 76ers right now. He should have took a leap from that amazing rookie season. Embid is making a case for best big man next to AD. Ben has to be more aggressive for that’s Shaq and Kobe punch.

Lmao just got into an argument about this today. Ben Simmons can’t/refuses to shoot but everyone just takes for granted his elite defense and playmaking ability and just talks about him shooting. He’s not the problem.

If anything is holding the Sixers back it’s the fact that his backcourt mate also refuses to shoot unlike the backcourt mate he played with last year.

He hasn’t been at his best scoring wise but he continues to be a premier defender and playmaker who wouldn’t be asked to do so much if he was in an optimal situation (read: not playing major minutes with a ball dominant PG that is best with the ball in his hands).

The Simmons-Fultz fit has been a proven failure at this point of both players’ careers, the longer the Sixers force it the lower both players’ ceilings get. Honestly if I’m the Sixers I’m calling the Lakers and asking if they’d do Fultz for Ball straight up.

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I don’t think Ben is totally ineffective when he isn’t scoring, it’s more that the team is running on all cylinders when he is creating aggressively with the ball.

I agree playing Simmons and Fultz together seems stupid. Fultz should be the backup PG/6th man, and he should take a lead scoring role when both Simmons and Embiid are resting.

They really just need shooters that play good D to surround Ben and Embiid. Reddick is like half that player, and Covington seems too streaky as a shooter and can’t defend post players. Dario is starting to look like Okafor 2.0, Blake dropping 50 is an embarrassment. They should’ve traded Fultz, Dario, and whatever else the Spurs wanted for Kawhi, they would’ve been legit contenders.

It’s a shame they lost their GM (even though he had to go), the offseason was an absolute train wreck. They cleared out all these valuable role players and cap space to sign zero of the good free agents and now have 2/3 of a roster.

Ben is playing like his back tightness is an issue and he’s afraid to make certain quick movements so his whole natural flow/feel/timing is off. I think he needs to be rested for a few games to get it right.