Elgin Baylor at Point Guard

First and Foremost,

I have completely misunderstood diamond Elgin Baylor.

This card is the best contact dunk animation posterizer card there is. Period.

His fade away is money as well. Though his dribble package is terrible. You can play him at point and back down any point guard with a post spin dunk, fade-away, hook or drop step. Not to mention, he will grab boards for days.

I am not exaggerating when I say, my last 4 games on supermax, all games he has had 30+ points (one was a 45 point game). It works out great to because if you have Shaq to snag small misses from Baylor’s Fade-away; you just put it right back up because the opposing center will be out of position trying to help in case Baylor drives or shoots of the guard post up…Thoughts?


I used sapphire Baylor at 1 and he was great, he is the closest to diamond MJ I will be able to get too, he is a great dunker. I’m trying to get Diamond Elgin for 100K, hope I can get him soon

Yeah this card is savage. Only thing it lacks is dribble animations. I put The Question Reebok gold on him for the +9 swb and +3bc. His dunks are crazy and his shooting makes me question the difficulty. I usually miss like one shot with him and its never a 3. Hes extremely efficient, versatile, and great on D. I dont even add the xtra shooting badges to mine. Avgs 12 and 2 in 8 mins

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Yeah man. I was lucky and was able to snag one with an unlimited contract for 125k when people were saying that the card was trash. He really is Godly. I was playing regular supermax too. Not no preseason matches when the difficulty is on rookie.

Difficulty is back to normal for preseason.

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Thanks for the clarification. Are they doing a new season for supermax? or do you think they will bring back road to the playoffs?

I haven’t run Elgin at the 1 (Diamond Magic says hi) but he dominates at the 2 for me.

After having great success with his base diamond, I overpaid a little to get a diamond contract/shoes version (speed, speed w/ ball, ball control, moving 3pt and moving midrange).

Double Diamond Diamond Baylor is by far my most productive card.

Reminds me of Oscar who I’ll never get this yr.