Either this guy is trolling, either he doesn't watch basketball at all

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OMG this is hilarious !

I had to pause like 5 times, I was laughing so hard.

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So this isn’t a @Carlo221 thread?

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Nope for once

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When Carlo said Jordan was 15-20 on an all time list I lost it lmao

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I never say that. I say he would be rank as 15-20 best player in the league in today game

You said Jordan was as good as derozan :skull:

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This dude watches some Zion highlights and thinks he’s an 86 overall lmao.

I would say 150-200 best player

He a more clutch Derozan. Yup

Oh god

Dude saying Embiid as no athleticsm and mediocre post skills

Wtf ?

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OMG are you this guy in the video ?

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I am sorry but not all opinions deserved to be heard.


Explain Carlo

Next time : One direction is a better musical group than Led Zeppelin.


Idk what crazy Derozan whole game is Michael Jordan beside defense. Derozan would be a top 3 player in M.J era

Iam crying over here :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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