Effects of market crash

So obviously there will be a crash tomorrow or whenever the lebron drops, about a day ago I invested most my mt into the stockton and malone duo ( godly btw ), usually in these packs you can get moments cards and the collection cards. I am wondering if this upcoming crash will affect prices of playoff throwback cards and if I should sell these two?

I say start selling now. It will definitely be a buyer’s market. I’m glad I didn’t splurge last night. I was eyeing a few cards. Hopefully there are deals to be had.

Sell now

Ive got a kawhi as pretty much my only profit card. Sell now maybe cop tmm right?

Thats what it sounds like we should do.

Its already too late to sell imo.

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Hmm im jus kinda iffy because the closest one ending has no bid with about an hour left. I would assume he goes for about 150-190 tonight.

Ima keep him and try my pack luck tmm. I made PD with my squad so ill chill.

Before Giannis the market was already dead, 1 day before. Everybody saved mt for him.

I think it’s already too late to sell, as well. Has market fully recovered from the last big crash? Seems a lot of stuff is still very low. Not sure how much lower it can really be.

But I decided I’m not going to sell off a bunch of 100K+ cards that will close at unknown prices, because I don’t feel like it’s likely I can re-buy for less, after accounting for tax. Got tired of the whole auction house shuffle and if packs drop expensive stuff I want then I’ll sell once things recover, wherever values are.


Would you say it’s too late now to put up diamond Jordan (3point shoe), diamond melo (defensive shoe), and diamond 98 Kobe ?

Kobe will still fetch over 300k. MJ over 170k. Melo around 120k tops.

What you think I get for Magic with diamond contract and UAs?

One just sold one XB1 for like 145k, so maybe like 120k by tomorrow

He’s up is ends at 1am pst

I basically have 2 cards that are more expensive than others. PD Harden and 97 LeBron with red Kyries. Prices for both guys have been down lately and probably will drop even further. Should I risk it and sell both of them and try to pick up something for cheap?

I would don’t think they’ll recover after this pd Bron and especially some of these finals moments

Yeah the market is really bad right now. My Diamond Wade with a Diamond Contract just sold for only 100,050. Honestly I thought he’d sell for at least 130-150K but that new promo teaser ruined that. Unless they announce that there’s gonna be another SM season I don’t think card prices will ever recover.

I bought Magic for 165 today took some bad Ls And said fuck it I’m reshuffling everything put him back up. I’m gonna take prob a 60-70k hit. =(

There’s currently 29 ruby MJ’s up set for the same time at 4K each lol
Relevant things tho, Carmelo is at buy now prices and everyone and their mother has lost about half the value they had this time last week