Educated guess as to whether Tmac, Magic, Wade prices recover

Just curious about thoughts on the recent market crash and more specifically if players such as Tmac, Magic, and Wade bounce back a bit after all-star break. I’m guessing not everyone can afford Lebron or wants him at pg. I’m debating whether to sell these players or be patient and wait. Thoughts?

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Wade will definately, he’s part of a set, if they announced who the reward was, he would be higher. It could be a crappy card and would still be high for ppl locking in. Magic should hold above 200k unless he goes down because of the younger crowd. T mac still a unique shooter, only t mac brings down t macs price lol.

Does anyone know Tmacs price?

Thanks for the input! I’m leaning toward waiting a couple of days until the market slows down.

Tmac is around 300-320k on ps4.

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Everything will bounce back, wade a part of a set and an elite card, magic is now the lebron stopper and is an op card, I would probably still take tmac over new vince so yeah he will bounce back also, never panick sell cards I repeat never, wait for 3 days when these packs are out and everyones price is back

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Got Tmac with Shoe/Contract for 285k 40 minutes ago…hes between 300-330k at the most atleast since Ive been watching.

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I bought kawhi and melo but I kinda wanna sell melo and get t mac while his price his down under 300

Yeah he was like 600k (ps4) before they put him back in packs and he was still like 450k. Under 300k is criminal and an insta cop.

dam bruh…as I was replying to you I went back to see what the latest cards was goin for and I seen I missed a tmac with a diamond contract and shoe that went for 221k smh

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I had magic. I don’t think he can stop this lebron. Lebron’s quick first step is to much.

Thanks for giving me a level headed response. Good advice. Sometimes I get anxious at the fluctuations in the market and have the urge to sell. Wise mind and the 3rd eye chakra are telling me to chill out, lol.

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Monday’s release, after this present group, might be too much for prices to recover

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Not like he will lock him down…but the only one at pg who can

I just got wade for 121 on PS4

That’s true.

Might have been mine :joy:

Lol diamond contract no shoe?

Nah mine was blank

O ok lol