Edible Kicking In

Fantasy Domination marathon grind time…took the gummy square about an hour and a half ago…

Using The GOAT White Mamba at the starting 4 all marathon


image this about to be you in a hour.


I remember my first beer


Perhaps so. But i have a box of Synder’s of Hanover big pretzels, and 32oz Gatorade to help me through

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Lol. 38, married, kids gone, wife asleep. First free Friday in 8-9 years. You hope you’re as badass as me when you’re my age! :joy:

you can find me in the Old Man Thread



That’s funny right there!

I’m just messing with you my guy. Hope you enjoy your Friday

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He gonna be floating with NASA Astronauts in a Little bit

Edibles are fun until you get tired af and go to sleep

Never taken edibles, but I smoke :dash: every day. :shushing_face:

I used to back in my college days, but it never really did much for me. To each their own!

White Mamba currently 0-7 from deep in the first quarter.

Good guys down 14-17 to one of diamond tony parkers teams.


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Keep pulling w the mamba. Once they start dropping they will never stop

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You’re god-damned right!

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I’ve always struggled when Diamond Tony Parker is on the squad

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My man looks deceased. :joy: :rofl:

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Facts Parker was annoying as fuck to deal with


I hope to be for sure. Who doesn’t want to be the chill grandpa even further down the road too? Lol

I beat most of those games by spamming 3s with ruby Mitch. If you can’t stop Parker maybe grab Moncrief, but I’m sure you can figure it out

Parker and Kidd probably gave me the most trouble of anyone, no joke

I’m not the one staring at me…