Eddie Van Halen, legendary guitarist, dead at 65


Now he’s running with the devil


no. way.

2020 is on a kill streak

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We lose Eddie, but yet that fat bastard in the White House keeps on kicking. More proof that life isn’t fair.

What song does he sing?

Never mind just looked him up. He was a legend. Didn’t realize that he was behind soo many hits.

Tiny dancer I think


Everyone should know this song from being in soo many movies


A number of em.

Running with the Devil, Ice Cream Man, Eruption, You Really Got Me, Hot For Teacher, Jump,Panama, theres a list of them tbh


Yep, first 3 seconds I knew what this song was

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RIP to one of the Guitar players I’ve always looked up to and one of the legends of Rock music. He really brought finger tapping to a generation of guitar players although it was was already played way before him he made it huge and changed guitar playing and music. So to this I say with his passing, I gotta give it 10000% effort to learn to play guitar better and practice…

I would love to play as good as him even though I know I can’t still worth a try. As a way to remember him I wanna learn Eruption…


This Tiny Dancer song is by a guy named Elton John and he seems really masculine and talented.

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It wasn’t Barry mannipples?

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Listening to Eruption for the first time was like time travelling into the future to hear what the electric guitar should sound like. RIP Eddie VH.

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The 5150 series are my favorite amps of all time, this guy revolutionized the sound of modern guitar playing without even knowing it back then. One of the best sounding amps ever made, amazing clarity.

I’m playing progressive metal/djent while using an EVH 5153. RIP

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Damn another legend gone

It should be mandatory to know Tiny Dancer

Time to listen to Van Halen when I get off work on repeat. His music changed my life…

Rest in peace.