Econ Note: This Being "Last Major Card Drop"

In the r/nba2k sub, YYY2K posted:

I’ve been told this will be the last major card drop for 2K18 but the team has added some “more content” that should also come soon. I have no idea if this “more content” is cards, duos, or something else even smaller.

So this may be the last market crash of the game. Depends on what you consider to be “major.” Maybe that doesn’t rule out having a couple more Throwback drops of three cards each, for example. Or maybe it doesn’t rule out a drop of old cards through some sort of reissue pack.

hmm 2k

RIP the possibility of a Diamond Mitch Richmond and other players that deserved a diamond like Arcibald maybe Blake, etc

Sounds like it will be duos…

Lol we got shafted about 1000 cards, just about every duo (until about a month ago) and countless hours of challenges this year.

And people are still going to buy this game thinking it’ll be better next year

Not much of a crash going on. Was able to pick up a 96 Durant with contract and white kobes for 80k though.

It’ll be duos and some other smaller fixes. Aren’t we still waiting on shit like how to unlock the disco ball or whatever?

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If we don’t get a pullable Shaq or Bill Russell I’ll riot.

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We won’t

Still two rounds of SM. We should get maybe 1 or two more throwback drops… hopefully LoL

So we’ll finish the year with no diamond Antoine Walker…!