Eclipse - GO Yao


Looks like a game changing card about to arrive.


anything above a 55 3 ball for him and it’s over. glad i sold my drob


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Odom will probably be the best like Luol was from his set. Thwy gould mess up Yao

Was kind of hoping Kawhi was going to be a SF/SG. Thought it is about that time after his last card.

Odom could be HIM

We’re in the end game now lads

Yeah :muscle::muscle::muscle: let’s hope Yao is slow as hell. Just to make it a little realistic

Cards qre up

Yao is god! Oh my

Yao with 78 3pt and quick release … 80 speed and acceleration …

he is missing QFS and Fast Twitch (but can be added)

Yao looks unstoppable. I cannot imagine what can be used to stop him.

… another Yao … :slightly_smiling_face:

Every year I hear “it’s over, this card is endgame” (in January, mkay), “this Yao/Ben Simmons/Randy Moss/Megatron is unstoppable”, and you know what, nothing really happens

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Yep same here.

And JR. is still at madman from outside. I can beat Yao teams for now, bit he is a bog problem.

Must be a bad user. I havent lost since i got him. I run my offense through him. Mash and make or mash and get fouled.

Anyone try Ja or Lamar?

Not yet. Ja is out of my range

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No. But Lamar looks to have no D.

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I was thinking bout copping him since his past cards are always fire.