Easiest Way to beat Full Court Pressure, Part 1

All the top players will annoy the heck out of you by doing full court pressure, you can easily beat it by keeping calm, I love it when they do it, easy buckets all day…

One way to beat it is pass it to your PG then quicky pass it to your SG, the SG will always be front and have few steps ahead of the defender cause the defender is in a back peddling animation…

Part 2 will be after a missed shot


Bump for all the people who asked about this.

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This works for lazy off ballers pretty well but someone that knows what they are doing will bring whoever is defending the inbounder and play the passing lane to shut this down.




A good question is, if they “know what they are doing”, why the fuck are they running this trash?!

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I found that if you bring up one of the big that’s at halfcourt helps a lot, but you have to kind of be patient

Forces lots of rage quits, which you can thank 2k for placing emphasis on bc of the 250k

The qualifier is just on Saturdays, no? No reason to run this broken ass glitch all the time, in my humble opinion.

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People who run full court are 10/10 sorry at this game . Icon for your Small forward or shooting guard get a head start down court and pass it to him you will get a open 3 7/10 times if not pass it to someone who is trailing and you will get the remaining 3/10

They gotta practice lol

Some users play the passing lane immaculately. Just slow down with your ballhandler, use a few behind the backs. You may get a couple of those lead passes up court, but usually it plays into their favor.

Yeah, those who are really good at high pressure D can be stifling. But like you say, the really key thing to do is to keep your head and not allow yourself to be baited into frantic play.

Count out the 8 seconds aloud, if need be, to get some sense of reassurance that you don’t need to freak out if he “stops” you a couple times in backcourt.

Also try using manual Dribble Hand Off command to mix things up and throw a wrinkle at them. Passing and dribbling upcourt are not the only two options.

And when you pass, put yourself in their heads. They’re looking for what you’re doing. So you can try to “get open” with one guard, and then pass to the other when they’re expecting opposite. Or manual a big to run him backcourt and then immediately pass to one of the two guards.

You can also call a pick from your big man and help your ball handler get free.


Dribble handoffs are the panacea to pressure defense. Time it right and space it right and the defense is scrambling


And not so much for backcourt but when double teamed past half court, remember that fake passing makes you invulnerable to double teaing, insofar as I’ve seen. Just spam the fake pass until you can make a deliberate actual pass.

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Not very effective

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People run full court press because most casual MyTeam players can’t beat it. Same reason why people offball.

I also feel like having a quick hitter play you know well is very important. My new favorite quick hitter is Quick 12 from a variety of vintage playbooks. Simple down screen with spacing.

Also having a play/freelance that starts with good spacing to avoid the double teams. I find swing and Jazz Motion have great spacing (if the guy at the top isn’t open, the guy in the corner is, if he isnt the big down low is open, if he isnt the guy on the opposite wing is open) and if you pass out of the double team you get quick actions to get guys open.

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