Easiest way to beat Domination in 2k History (cheese the cpu)

My last Domination tips, I promise…lol

I think this is the easiest way to beat domination in 2k history… use this play formation to get to the rim everytime, the Cpu will not adjust… After the SG pass to the PG, it will count as a assist, I avg over 1000 Mt points every game.

Playbook - Trailblazers
Play - Fist 12 Pistol
Call the play for PG

after reciever the pass, hold sprint and point LS towards baseline for a blow by.


How do you set favorite plays

Offensive setting in the pause menu

You a real one

The only issue u will find with this is reaching enough points in all time domination. I was running a couple solid plays in all time with a 70 percentage rate and i fell short by 80 points for 3 stars.

And u need westbrook/lillard or d rose. Every other player gets blocked lol

Get Ray Richardson, and Full court pressure,and offball, most of the time the PG will not get past half court, around 16sec left, he will have to pass it, steal the ball…

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I run michael ray, hes really solid. I run 92 side which can get me an open lane most the time with these cards. As far as defense, ill have to take ur advice on the full court press, im too use to onballing tho, i know ill develop the habit if i offball lpl

the cpu runs this play or a variation of this play and i give up dribble drives all the time. glad to know how to do it back lol.

For some reason I find it especially hard to guard wing PnR by the CPU. Maybe it’s the perspective that makes it hard to stop them from using screen and then driving through middle of court to the key without overly committing to the apparent cut-off angle and giving them a straight shot to the paint.

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Damn thanks just dropped 30 points in 2 quarters with IT running this play

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youre going to get him to GO in no time…lol

Try the Drive camera

Hate that suggestion…but only because whenever I try a different camera angle, there’s some tradeoff that isn’t worth it, to me, compared to 2K Camera…and because I’m just an old fart who doesn’t want to change his ways and wants to grumble about shit without having to make a change, myself.

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It turns you into a lock down monster and a drive threat because you can see every angle. Hurts catch and shoot opportunities since the camera whips around but one on one you have every single angle

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Yeah, the problem for me when I’ve tried it is that the camera movement is just way too disorienting to me. Especially on offense, because I pass a lot.

But I’ll give it a shot. Should at least give it a go in really easy PvCPU games.

And then try to not barf from vertigo.

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what playboon is 92 side in?

Its in the 13 heat playbook i think. Its the old magic playbook

damn i have that :joy:

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You run him in MTU yet? I have ppl calling double teams on him. His shot is nasty and his layups are glitchy.
Dude kills it in the paint lol. These badges keep ppl like shot from blocking his shots.