Easiest move to loose the CPU.. Will be patched

Easiest move to loose the CPU.. Will be patched

This move wont be patched but the CPU response to this move will be. Either way its an easy way to loose the CPU in the demo…


Developer Patch Notes Update 220v.115:

Changed Difficulty Setting from Rookie to All-Star.


Seen it on YT before you put it here. Yep I’m a sub. I think it is a nice move. Probably will be useful while grinding domination.

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Ye that for sure would limit all the useless animation from defender but in every 2k behind the back escape is always OP so i’m sure you will still be able to loose then just not as often.

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Love your content btw

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Helps when the CPU is playing tight defense

play slasher with

hof contact
hof relentless
hof fancy

hof quick step
hof ankle
hof handles for days

that shit is op

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That build probably can’t pass, shoot, defend or rebound. Right? :slight_smile:

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nah it can pass since its a playmaker not really a shooter but has 85 post fade and can knock middys and can defend on the perimeter its a john wall build more for twos when you isoing and going to the rack a play sharp (curry) wont be able to guard you.

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