Easiest cards to evo from AH

Part of the Monthly Challenge is to Evo a set amount of cards. What’s the easiest ones to Evo in your opinion? Think Finley’s is to score 20 points in a game etc. At work and can’t remember exactly what it was?

Leon Powe, JJ Redick, Hedo just to name a few off the top of my head


Do reddick and hedo in ttoff. Can evo both per game

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Steve Nash is 10 assists in one game. Devin Harris Is 10 points I think

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Emerald Vinnie Johnson

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awesome, thanks heaps guys. Also, does everyone get different daily, weekly, monthly challenges? Think I saw on one YouTube yesterday for Serial Evolver they needed 25 evos for the month, yet I’m pretty confident mine only required 5.