Earliest possible indication of the promo?

When would it be? I like to run home if something is dropping just in case odds are juiced when they drop (sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not). What is the first sign of this? In other words, when would they be added into the collections exactly?

I heard 12 PM PST

I normally check mtdb after 2k puts the update needed message on my screen

Jordan and OD packs end at 1 EST, so I’d assume sometime around then is when they might release some sort of teaser or the set.

update just came through so the cards must be coming soon

Can you check collections?

nothing new in premium. nor any moments that I can see.

Probably just for the debut of the eleague tonight

Very possible

Damnit now is my chance to swing home and they’re not giving any notice about a promo…

Just tell your boss that your lunch didnt settle well and you :poop: your :jeans:


Facts. That and projectile vomiting works as an excuse 10/10

New promo should be up in 9 minutes if it comes when other packs expire

or having a kid. I swear I wish I had one sometimes cuz u can make up the craziest shit and nobody questions a child


There’s been none of the usual signals though. Will be really annoyed if I dash home and they don’t drop anything

“Aww, my little excuse, I love you”


Yeah should just wait till someone says new promo up on this site or something. I’m sure you’re subscribed to the 2k Myteam twitter anyway.

Nothing in collections?

This makes zero sense to me…why is 2k so fuckin lazy…they KNOW the myteam community has been waiting for content all week. And out of all times not to drop content, this is the worst of them all because most of us without a doubt expected a promo today.

Yeah this is a first.